Youth Facilitation Center


ADP has reviewed and agreed to fund a Youth Facilitation Center (YFC) that is intended to act as a resource where youth will be provided small business skills training (and post-training follow-up) along with access to information via the web.

The project will support 200 young people in the next six months and assist them with self employment. It will target young people from low income families, those with disabilities and/or with limited education. The goal is to provide them with integrated business skills, training programmes, and post-training support services and ultimately enable them to become self-reliant.

The aim is not to push the youth into stereotypical or non-profitable skills but to enable them to fully participate in all steps of the programme i.e. from skill identification to self-employment. This is a comprehensive training package that identifies and assesses local economic opportunities and delivers community-based skills training. It also provides post-training services, including counseling, guidance, provision of information, linkages with employers and service providers to assist youths to organize themselves and mobilize local resources for income generation.

During training, youths will be facilitated to analyze their own needs, capabilities, market demands and identify the appropriate skills/businesses that are more suitable for self-employment. This is an integrated training package, consisting of three types of skills: entrepreneurial, life, and business development skills. Currently, training lasts for 5 days and is done in batches, with every batch consisting of 20 youth. There will be a total of 10 training events for 200 youths over the next six months. In the end, graduates will receive a certification from Skill Development Council (SDC) – a recognized institution for skill certification in the private sector. This is intended to help the graduating youth in their job seeking endeavors.

ADP has initiated funding by covering YFC’s expenses for the first two months. The next tranche of funding will depend on the review and due-diligence of YFC’s progress and its degree of success in recruiting and training candidates. Based on the number of trainees that are able to pursue self-employment post training and the status of YFC’s sustainability, ADP will fund the remaining 4 months.

Key Metrics

  • Number of new self-employed trainees
  • Number of improved businesses/rate of their growth


NEEDS works in NWFP with development partners under the strategy of networking and capacity building to promote education, build capacity and mobilize resources for sustainable development to eradicate poverty. It aims to reduce poverty by improving competencies, life and business skills and increasing literacy rate and focusing on girls’ education as well as strengthening sustainable development through increasing capacity of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and networks.


Q. How will NEEDS be able to run the next round of training after initial funding from ADP? A. ADP will initially fund the first two months of expenses for YFC, and fund the remainder after necessary due diligence and status reviews. NEEDs plans to use Zakat Funding as well as fees earned to fund further rounds of the training programs.

Q. The returns are not immediately conceived; is it possible to measure the success of this project? A. The project team decided that if 20-50 of the 200 people are able to set up a business, and find a better job in Charssada or outside, the project will be deemed successful. The immediate and spillover benefits of this project are difficult to measure and quantify, but ADP will gauge the success of the YFC with personal anecdotes of the trainees, the number of candidates that NEEDs is able to enroll, and the number that graduates.

Q. How will NEEDS ensure that there are interested candidates for this kind of training? A. Charsadda has several graduates from the local Technical Institute as well as several young people who have acquired skills like carpentry, motor servicing, electrical work etc. These people may even have the money to start their own businesses. YFC will provide these people with self-confidence and increase their awareness of the available resources (e.g. local banks that offer loans) that will enable them to establish independent businesses. The project director is confident that these people will be interested in getting an additional certification as well as guidance from the NEEDs team that will help them with self-employment.

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  • UNDP has funded NEEDS for its Youth Facilitation Centres (YFC) at Malakand agency. Two YFCs will be established, one for male and one for female to facilitate youth for searching jobs and self-employment. Initially this idea has been supported by ADP in 2008. The present project cost is Rs. 10,76,200 which will be financed by UNDP for six months.

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Type: Empowerment
Cost: Rs. 3 lacs

Location: Charsadda, NWFP
Launched: 2008