Water Pumps in Shenky & Cheena

Project Overview

In the aftermath of the floods which ravaged Pakistan in 2010, nearly one million people living in the Charsadda District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were affected. The floods washed away crops, farms, gardens and bridges in Charsadda, destroying almost 70% of the total land area.

According to a survey that the Social Integrated Development Organization (SIDO), our partner NGO, conducted in the villages of Shenky & Cheena, approximately 330 households were severely affected by the floods. Their houses and property were destroyed, and their shallow wells are now full of silt and flood water which has limited their access to adequate drinking water. All attempts at rehabilitating these wells have been unsuccessful. As a result, the villagers have been drinking contaminated water, which has resulted in an increasing number of water borne diseases.

In order to resolve this, 13 hand pumps are being installed throughout these two villages to enable ~4,250 people to gain access to clean drinking water. In addition, the water obtained from these hand pumps can also be used for irrigating crops in small family gardens and feeding livestock with clean water.

NGO Profile

Social Integrated Development Organization (SIDO) is a non profit organization primarily working in the rural areas of District Charsadda (KPK). They are working to eradicate poverty and to maintain sustainable development through community participation. So far, SIDO has worked in areas of education, health, rehabilitation, awareness and advocacy programs for pollution, child abuse and drug addiction and several water & sanitation projects with technical support from HELPP, CERD and SLI.

SIDO was established in 2008 and to date has more than a hundred volunteers. They have previously had the experience of implementing and monitoring water projects (WASH development projects) and they have installed two hand pumps in other villages within the Charsadda District.

Key Metrics

  • Decrease in the number of water borne diseases
  • Access to clean drinking water for 4,250 people

Investment Rationale

The heavy floods in 2010 left these villages in the Charsadda district without any source of clean drinking water. The villagers have to either purchase water for consumption or drink contaminated water which has led to a significant increase in water borne diseases throughout the community. The installation of these hand pumps will provide thousands of people with access to clean drinking water and reduce mortality rates. We are confident about the success of this project due to SIDO’s previous successful experience in installing hand pumps and strong recommendations from their references.



How will ADP ensure that water coming out of the pumps installed by SIDO is fit for human consumption?

The water from the hand pumps installed in nearby villages by SIDO has already been tested and found fit for human consumption.

For the purposes of ADP’s project, samples of water from one hand pump in Shenky and Cheena each will be taken to the Pakistan Council of Research for Water Resources (PCRWR) and water quality tests will be conducted on both samples to ensure that it is free from bacteria and safe for drinking purposes. If PCRWR declares the water fit for human consumption, the remaining number of hand pumps will be installed at the selected locations.

Can the project survive beyond ADP’s involvement?

ADP will fund the project in tranches. Once the hand pumps are installed, a community committee for each hand pump will be set up and will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the pumps. A nominal amount (PKR 20) will be collected from each household and will be used for minor repairs and maintenance of the hand pumps.

How can we ensure that no disputes with regards to the locations of hand pumps will arise in the future?

The 13 hand pumps will be installed on locations donated by the community under mutual agreement. These places will be private properties, but easily accessible to the villagers, e.g. at corners, near roads etc. In addition, agreements with land-owners will be signed in writing where they will agree that the hand-pumps will be for communal use and they will not dispute the installation in the future or try to unfairly monopolize the water coming out of the hand pumps. The receipt and ongoing of such agreements between SIDO and land owners is a pre-requisite to the release of funding.

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Type: Project
Cost: $4,950

Location: Shenky & Cheena, Charsadda, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
Launched: January 2012