Water Pumps in Charsadda


ADP is working along with NEEDS (Network for Education & Economic Development Services) to provide clean water within the Charsadda District, where 15 villages are suffering without access to clean drinking water.  Throughout this district, over 79,000 people have been directly affected by the floods; the destruction of infrastructure has left many of these villagers displaced and many are living in government schools, tents or with host families.

The roads leading to these villages are completely flooded with water making it impossible to transport drinking water.  The solution to this problem is installing 12 water hand-pumps throughout these villages, which will allow more than 25,000 people access to clean drinking water.  Other items such as blankets, mats for sleeping, pillows, hygiene kits and small water coolers will also be provided by ADP and its partner. The funding for this project is Rs. 595,500 for 12 pumps throughout the villages.

Within these villages, community groups of 3-5 members have been formed to supervise the maintenance of the pumps.  These groups are trained on how to properly use and repair the pumps. The success of the project depends on the ability of the community to self-regulate the use of and take care of the pumps.

Investment Rationale

The floods have left millions displaced within Pakistan, and within the Charsadda district specifically, many people have been left without basic necessities such as water.  This project will provide thousands of people access to clean water; which will in turn have many positive impacts, especially reducing mortality rates and preventing diseases from spreading.

Key Metrics

  • Access to clean, drinking water for more than 25,000 people
  • Prevention of water-borne diseases
  • Lower morbidity and mortality rates

Partner Profile

NEEDS is a nonprofit organization based in the Charsadda District. It works to eradicate poverty by creating policies that transform societies, focusing on key issues such as education, health and women empowerment.  Their main objectives are increasing literacy rates, improving community health, increasing income levels and providing legal support and awareness. Accountability and responsibility are encouraged within the communities; in this project, for example, beneficiaries themselves are responsible for making necessary repairs to the water hand-pumps.

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  • NEEDS has reported that the project was successfully completed by early May 2011, providing details of the beneficiaries. Please visit the Dastak post for more details.

  • 03/15/2011
  • NEEDS has reported that the locations for 6 more pumps have been decided and that three of the hand pumps have already been constructed. For the remaining three, the wells collapsed during digging and so new locations have been decided upon, with construction under way.

  • 02/26/2011
  • Received report from NEEDS that 9 water pumps have been installed. Progress on the last 3 is slow due to rainfall. For the names of the villages where the pumps have been installed and a profile of the beneficiaries, please refer to the Feb 2011 Update report in the documents section.

  • 12/17/2010
  • Bilal Ahmad visited the Charsadda region in November and provided an important update on project process. Six water pumps have already been built; for more details, please see the site visit blog post on Dastak.

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Type: Project
Cost: Rs. 595,000

Location: Charsadda, NWFP
Launched: November 2010