Project Monitoring

Location: Pakistan
Duration: 3-4 days per project

Help monitor ADP projects by visiting project locations on ground

Site visit opportunities are an exciting way to experience development work first-hand and enable volunteers to plan interesting excursions individually or in groups of two or three.

Project monitoring is ideal for volunteers interested in assessing the impact of ADP funded projects first-hand. As a site visit volunteer, you will be traveling to specific project locations on ADP’s behalf on fact-finding missions, investigating specific questions and issues related to that project. If you like traveling, this will be a great fit for you.

For more information and materials on Project Monitoring, please refer to the Resources section.

Volunteer Spotlight

Urooj Shahzadi Urooj Shahzadi

Urooj works very closely with the Pakistan Development Fund. She has raised funds for ADP and been on site visits.

Urooj Shahzadi Sanaa Qureshi Mubarik Imam Amreena Diwan