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Express your creative talents by being on our marketing team.

Anyone interested in writing articles, designing brochures/pamphlets or making videos or documentaries on ADP or the projects we have done in the past is welcome to sign-up!

As per its expansion plans, ADP looks to market the value and trust it has earned over the years through its quality work and superior working model. You will be responsible for projecting ADP’s accomplishments to the world in order to convince donors into making ADP a charity of choice.

We are always looking for tech-savvy, creative individuals with excellent communication skills to serve as designers, web content writers, newsletter editors etc. Whether it’s writing features, designing T-shirts and posters, coordinating media appearances or making documentaries, just let us know what you’re good at and we’ll be happy to find a way to utilize your help.

For more information and materials on Marketing, please refer to the Resources section.

Volunteer Spotlight

Natasha Qureshi Natasha Qureshi

Natasha currently serves on the Permanent Evaluation Committee at ADP.

Natasha Qureshi Hasham Mehmood Mehreen Siddiqi Danish Iqbal