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Raise funds to help implement ADP’s approved projects.

Anyone interested in reaching out to corporate donors and foundations, organizing fundraising events or engaging in any other form of raising money should consider fundraising as a volunteering option.

Fundraising at ADP is managed globally as well as locally at the chapter level. The team works together to set and achieve targets based on requirement of funds. As a fundraising volunteer, you will have the opportunity to represent ADP while applying for foundational grants/corporate sponsorships or reaching out to high net worth individuals. If event management is your forte, you can choose to work with your local chapter to organize annual galas, sports fixtures, concerts, comedy shows/ fashion shows, social mixers, dinners etc. to raise funds for ADP’s projects.

For more information and materials on Fundraising, please refer to the Resources section

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Volunteer Spotlight

Alexis Saba Alexis Saba

Alexis has been actively involved with ADP since 2011, and has been a part of the KRT and MHSF project evaluation teams.

Alexis Saba Sana Elahi Danish Iqbal Azhar Zeeshan