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ADP is made up of talented professionals and students volunteering from both within and outside Pakistan, driven by a strong belief in developing Pakistan in measurable and meaningful ways. Volunteer activities at ADP usually pertain to identifying, evaluating and executing quality projects as well as raising funds to finance the same. This allows our volunteers to learn first-hand about development issues, while contributing higher-level skills and intellect.

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You can find out more about volunteering activities by clicking on the links under Volunteer Roles to the right. Applying for a volunteer position is easy: click on the volunteer sign up button below and complete the following form. Given the large number of applicants (especially for project teams), please note that we may not be able to immediately match you with an opportunity.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Amreena Diwan Amreena Diwan

Amreena has an undergraduate degree from IBA, Karachi and a Masters in Economic Policy from Boston University

Amreena Diwan Farzal Dojki Rania Nasir Abdullah Hasan