Vision Restoration


ADP is helping Munawwar Foundation support a comprehensive 3-month eye care project at the Munawwar Memorial Hospital in Chakwal district in North Punjab. The social implications of blindness include loss of productivity, breakdown of interpersonal relationships, depression, loss of self esteem and the prospect of leading an isolated, humiliating life. Blind elders are not self-sufficient and require sacrifice on the part of their younger family members.

· In this 3-month project, the hospital will examine 400 women free of charge · 50 needy women will be operated for sight restoration Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) implant surgeries. The same operation costs Rs 12000 in a private hospital · Any female patient coming into the hospital on Sunday, clinically found to be in need of cataract surgery, is asked if she is deserving. If the answer is ‘yes,’ she is offered subsidized surgery · The Sunday free day for women is widely publicized in local media, banners, posters etc, throughout the district · All pre-operative tests (such as A-scan, biometry, blood sugar and keratometry) and pre-operative medications will be given without charge

Key Metrics

  1. Pre-operative and post-operative visual acuity
  2. Impact of restored vision on day-to-day tasks and responsibilities

Investment Thesis

The economic burden of blindness is well documented in other developing countries. A future increase in scope would create a significant impact in Chakwal, improving opportunities and productivity of workers, and improving the quality of life of the direct recipients. Increasing the project scope 10-fold after a trial period would enable MMH to treat fully 5 percent of those in need annually.

Impacting the social and economic burden of blindess in Chakwal would enable other local development projects to achieve greater levels of success. Over time and with coordination, this will contribute to a reduction in the dependency on aid programs. ADP will consider investing in other development programs in the Chakwal region.


Munawwar Foundation is an Islamabad based charitable organization endeavoring to promote the importance of healthcare in rural areas. The Foundation supports a comprehensive eye care project at the Munawwar Memorial Hospital in Chakwal (district in north Punjab). Since 1999, the hospital has delivered effective programs for primary eye care, cataract screening as well as an eye-health program for school-going children. Munawwar Memorial Hospital is Pakistan’s first Community Ophthalmology Center working in rural areas and involved in research.

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