Telling the Education Story with Alif Ailaan


Alif Ailaan launched their campaign to end the education emergency in Pakistan in February 2013. Exactly a year later, the team held a screening of various short documentaries they and their partners worked on through the year at Kuch Khaas, Islamabad. ADP had the privilege to attend the screening and the follow up discussion held by the panel, which included media personalities, politicians from PML(N) and PTI as well as NGO representations. The documentaries explored issues that prevent active enrollment and retention of students across the country and some key factors which emerged were distance, security concerns, lack of clean water supply and latrines, electricity shortages and absence of boundary walls.

Through our projects, these are exactly the kinds of issues that ADP has been attempting to address in the education sector. We are happy to see that we are not alone in this struggle and though the education problem is severe, there are many helping hands both in the shape of private and public organizations as well as donor agencies. But as the documentaries and panelists pointed out, it is perhaps the citizens which have the greatest role to play. It is from them that the pressure to move forward as well as the need to be accountable arises. They are and must remain the driving force behind real change in Pakistan and around the world. ADP is delighted to have such a broad base of citizen support which includes our global pool of volunteers and donors and thank each of you for supporting us.