Syeda Quratulain Masood

Syeda Quratulain Masood

Syeda joined ADP in 2011, and as a Evaluation Committee member,  has completed evaluations in the Education, Water, and Sanitation sectors. She is currently working for IUCN in Karachi.

Syeda has a MPA in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School and an MBA from IBA Karachi. She has worked for Boston Consulting Group, the World Bank and the State Bank of Pakistan. She is currently based in Karachi.


Volunteer Spotlight

Urooj Shahzadi Urooj Shahzadi

Urooj works very closely with the Pakistan Development Fund. She has raised funds for ADP and been on site visits.

Urooj Shahzadi Umbreen Tapal Hunain Kapadia Adnan Pathan