Strengthening of Diagnostic Facilities at an Eye Hospital in Punjab


The Association for the Development of Pakistan is funding the purchase of ophthalmic equipment at the Janat Aziz Eye Hospital in Burewala, district Vehari, Punjab. Aimed at strengthening the diagnostics department at the hospital, ADP funds will be channelled for the procurement of B-scan machine used for ultrasonography. B-scan ultrasonography is a diagnostic test used to produce a two-dimensional, cross sectional view of back of the eye and the orbit. It is an important tool for the clinical assessment of various ocular and orbital diseases and assists in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic, hypertensive and complicated cataract cases. However, this machine is presently available in Lahore and Multan only, taking it out of reach of those who cannot afford travelling expenses.

Partner Profile

Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital (JAH) is a non-profit organization providing eye care services since March 2005. Deserving patients are provided free treatment while the income generated from the paying patients is re-invested into the treatment of poor patients. Since its inception in 2005, 16,500 surgeries have been performed at JAH with over 220,000 patients being treated at the hospital’s OPD.  The hospital predominantly serves low-income areas with majority of treatments at JAH being either free of cost (54%) or heavily subsidized (36%).

Investment Rationale

Critical need: Research conducted by the ADP team indicates a high incidence of  of ocular and orbital diseases in  District Vehari and the lack of  B-scan diagnostic facility in BurewalaUnder privileged people from remote areas form a major chunk of the hospital’s patients and due to the unavailability of the B-scan equipment, many patients have to be referred to Multan and Lahore.  Most of the patients are unable to even afford the travelling costs and are thereby forced to remain untreated.

Sustainability: The purchase of the B-scan equipment will strengthen the hospital infrastructure, not only  increasing the revenue generated from paying patients but will also provide free treatment to those who cannot afford to pay or travel to other cities for treatement. The revenue generated will be used for equipment maintenance and overhead costs, thereby ensuring that the hospital is sustainable beyond ADP’s investment.

Credibility: JAH is providing excellent eye care services since  inception, has a highly qualified staff and is well reputed as a  high quality, free of cost  hospital in the community.

Measurability: The hospital will mantain equipment utilization reports.

Key Metrics

The machine is expected to be used for 1,500 scans in a year and ADP will monitor the progress via the following key metrics:

  • Total number of patients undergoing scan (projected and actual)
  • Total number of patients given free and/or subsidized scans (with percent subsidy for subsidized patients)
  • Utilization of B-scan machine (regular updates from JAH and monitored by the ADP Project Team)

Update         2013/05/17

The B-scan machine has been installed at the hospital and is fully functional. Pictures illustrating the use of equipment can be accessed from the ‘photos’ section on the right side of the page.


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  • 244 patients have been examined using the B-Scan machine donated by ADP and another 375 patients are expected to be served by the equipment.

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Type: Health
Cost: $ 10,165

Location: Tehsil Burewala, Distict Vehari, Punjab.
Launched: March 2013