Shahan Zafar

Shahan Zafar

Shahan joined ADP in 2006 and is currently a member of the Permanent Evaluation Committee (PEC). At ADP, Shahan has been focused on continuously improving ADP’s project evaluation processes. As a PEC, Shahan was involved in the Youth Facilitation Center, Kharo Chan School and Al Makkah Medical projects. Shahan is currently an investment professional at Riverside Partners, a private equity firm based in Boston. Prior to Riverside Partners, Shahan worked at Vector Capital, a San Francisco based private equity firm and at Morgan Stanley in New York. Shahan graduated from Middlebury College with a major in Economics. He also has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Volunteer Spotlight

Hassan Baweja Hassan Baweja

Hassan is leading ADP's fundraising efforts in Chicago.

Hassan Baweja Sabah Baxamoosa Saad Hasan Umbreen Tapal