Water for Schools in Rural Kasur

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The Association for the Development of Pakistan is partnering with Sudhaar Society to construct water pumps in 20 schools in rural villages located near Kasur.

A lot of schools in rural villages do not have access to funding to construct water pumps within their facilities. As a result, children at these schools do not have access to any clean water. Not only does this lead to several health issues but it also means that a lot of parents avoid sending their children to schools. This particularly affects girls’ attendance, as students have to frequently go to nearby mosques and houses to ask for water.

The project should lead to several benefits, including:

i) less waterborne illnesses

ii) less time lost by students seeking water from neighboring facilities and

iii) increased attendance at these schools.

Partner Profile

Sudhaar has been working in children development and protection since 1995. It has implemented more than 40 projects across a range of sectors including literacy, vocational training, emergency relief, school improvement programs and health & hygiene. Sudhaar has previously worked with ILP, Save the Children-UK, UNICEF, The Asia Foundation and the US Department of Labor.

Key Metrics

The impact of Sudhaar’s project will be tracked through the follow indicators:

  • -Decrease in the number of water borne diseases.
  • - Access to clean drinking water for all students in the 20 schools.
  • - Increase in enrollment.

Investment Rationale

The site visit showed the extreme and unpleasant conditions the students had to cope with at their schools. Additionally, the fact that these schools are in very remote areas and are mostly for girls further strengthened our belief that there is a critical need to proceed with the project.

It must be noted that these schools are public schools and have historically very little attention from the relevant authorities. What also makes this project unique for ADP is that this is the first time ADP is funding a public schools project. The evaluation team spent plenty of time making sure that the maintenance plan was very thorough and well thought out. The team worked with Sudhaar to establish a detailed maintenance plan where they will be responsible for overseeing the funding of ~1,000 PKR per pump per year to maintain the pumps.

Part of the funding will come from Sudhaar, while part of it will come from the School Councils. Sudhaar will be responsible for sending us the condition of each of the pumps on a quarterly basis. Further, we asked Sudhaar to obtain Permission Letters from the relevant Executive District Officers (EDOs) allowing the installation of the pumps making the School Councils be responsible for regular maintenance.



1. How critical is the need for water pumps at the schools?

We spent a lot of time trying to answer this question. In fact, we went through several iterations of schools before finalizing on a list that we agreed upon. In some of the initial suggested schools, the need wasn’t as high. In the final list of schools, the construction should result in a very high returns on investments.

2. How qualified is Sudhaar to conduct this project?

The initial proposal included the construction of water pumps as well as latrines. We were uncomfortable funding the construction of latrines as that requires a certain level of expertise and Sudhaar did not have any prior experience in that particular area. However, Sudhaar does have prior experience building water pumps and we thus were comfortable funding that part of the proposal.

3. How will these pumps be maintained?

We have worked with Sudhaar to establish a maintenance plan for the pumps. The pumps will cost ~20,000 PKR per year to maintain and Sudhaar has taken up the responsibility of overseeing that expenditure. Part of the funding will come from Sudhaar, while part of it will come from the School Councils. Sudhaar will be responsible for sending us the condition of each of the pumps on a quarterly basis.

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Type: Project
Cost: $10,570

Location: Kasur, Punjab
Launched: July 2012