Rebuilding a Hospital

Ayub Teaching Hospital is a 1000 bed hospital that caters to about a 1.5 million people in and around Abbottabad. It is a major tertiary care hospital meaning patients requiring advanced care such as complicated child births, trauma from motor vehicle accidents, children with difficult problems and cancer and orthopedic care.

It is the only large civil hospital in that area and covers patients form as far of areas as upper Alai, Batagram, Balakot, Mansehra, Tandhiani, Basham and Ugi.

The hospital was not only damaged during the earthquake, but because it survived amongst other hospitals in that region, it was also over utilized when a slew of patients (5 thousand causalities for the first 3 to 4 months of the earthquake) poured in from every direction.

In collaboration with International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC) and Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England (APPNE), ADP has taken up the challenge to rebuild the OBGYN ward of Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad. Here are the highlights of this project

  • ADP procured a shipping container full of medical equipment from IMEC for US $15,000

  • The total estimated value of equipment in the container is US$639,395

  • APPNE funded the cost of shipping this container to Abottabad

  • APPNE physicians will conduct annual site visits and share with us their findings

Key Metrics

  • We believe that the value of equipping an ob-gyn ward with medical equipment is obvious and does not require figures such as number of births or diseases treated pre-funding and post-funding.
  • Instead of collecting pre/post funding patient data, we are more interested in maintaining the care of the equipment installed at Ayub Teaching Hospital. For this reason, an annual site visit will be carried out by Dr. Nadeem Afridi (ATH graduate and a member of APPNE organization) for the next 3 years. Dr Nadeem will be sharing with us pictures and trip reports of these site visits.


IMEC – International Medical Equipment Collaborative Founded in 1995, IMEC is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization that distributes donated medical equipment, supplies, and support services to doctors, nurses and technologists working in hospitals, clinics, and orphanages in under-served locations worldwide.

APPNE – Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England APPNE is the New England chapter of its parent organization – Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA).


Q. What is the estimated cost of equipment installed at the Ayub Teaching Hospital? A. The total estimated value of shipped equipment is US$639,395.

Q. What kind of equipment is shipped to and installed at Ayub Teaching Hospital?

A.Check out the complete list of equipment sent to Ayub Teaching Hospital in the Shipping Manifest document under Documents.

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Type: Health
Cost: $15,000

Location: Abbottabad
Launched: June 2007