Al-Makkah Medical Center Expansion


This project, as proposed by the Rural Development Organization (RDO), aims to extend and improve the quality of the existing healthcare services provided by Al-Makkah Medicare Center in Manawala, Faisalabad. The project will achieve this by bringing qualified health specialists and professionals on-board and acquiring state of the art medical equipment. For the community, this will be a welcome expansion to the the Center which has been operating for more than 3 years.

The aim of the Center’s management is to provide advanced and affordable healthcare facilities to the low income population of the area. With the nearest hospital more than 8km away, the expanded Center will provide important facilities like X-ray and anesthesia machine services.

The extension will also consist of additional general and maternal health care services to the approximately 18,000 inhabitants of the area. To sustain the expansion, RDO will train 40 members of the local community on new medical techniques and research. It will also provide employment opportunities for 5 individuals from the project area, including a gynecologist and lab technician.

ADP has taken the responsibility of providing funds for the capital required for the expenditure of the Center, while the operational expenses will be covered by RDO through nominal fees charged from patients for each visit. The project provides ADP with an opportunity to assist a community with the provision of better healthcare at an approximate cost of PKR 29 per beneficiary.

Partner Profile

Rural Development Organization has been working in the field of development for the past 10 years. RDO started its activities in 2001 by targeting rural communities but with the passage of time it has expanded to semi-urban and urban areas of Punjab and has been involved in a number of activities including the provision of flood relief services, building awareness regarding HIV/AIDs and fighting sexual abuse and sectarian violence.

Key Metrics

ADP will measure impact by keeping track of the number of patients that visit the Center and are treated there, especially those who use the new machines funded by ADP.

Investment Rationale

Al-Makkah Medical Center will no doubt be an important addition for the people of Manawala. The nearest hospital (government-run) is 8km away and there is no healthcare facility in the immediate area which can provide advanced healthcare to the local population, especially for those who cannot afford expensive healthcare services.

The expansion will help provide the local population (currently, the Center serves 18,000 people) with better healthcare and will be sustained by nominal fees from the patients. Furthermore, the project already has plenty of community support as evidenced by the fact that RDO has been gifted a building by a local member of the community for expansion.

Add to this the fact that RDO has demonstrated previous successes, has showed high Social Impact on the local community and has excellent references from the third party approached by ADP. All these factors together give ADP confidence that this project will give ‘bang for its buck’.



Is the extension in line with the existing needs of the community?

Yes, there are other health facilities in the immediate vicinity that also provide only basic health services. However, there is a need to have a health facility which can cater to additional problems faced by the local populace.

What are the critical parts of the proposal that require funding?

ADP felt that the NGO had provided a large list of items to be funded by ADP. The project team focused on only those items which would provide the most “bang for the buck” for donor’s money

How will the NGO ensure ongoing funding/maintenance of the machines/equipment?

The budget and proposed fees provided by the NGO have given confidence to ADP that the equipment purchased will be maintained through the NGO’s own resources and from the nominal fees it will charge patients for the services rendered.

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  • The project has successfully concluded and the ADP funded equipment is fully functional at the clinic. 2,411 patients have benefited from the purchased equipment with the number of patients served exceeding the target patients. The Ultrasound printer, X-ray, Anesthesia and ECG machines along with other laboratory equipment funded by ADP has generated a revenue of PKR 1,319,852 for the clinic.

  • 10/01/2012
  • RDO is showing impressive progress in achieving progress on its stated goals. According to the latest update by the RDO team, Al-Makkah Medical Centre has acquired an Ultrasound printer and an X-Ray machine for the total cost of $4,370.

    In fact, because of an unexpected change in costs, RDO had to contribute substantial additional financial resources from its own budget to acquire a different model of X-ray machine – fortunately the new model comes with enhanced features and will be more useful in the long term.

    As of June 2012, the Ultrasound printer is successfully functioning and the X-ray machine has been operational since August, 2012. The dedicated team of RDO and the staff of Al-Makkah Medical Centre has quickly shown results and patients of Al-Makkah Centre are taking advantage of better health services.

    The project page has new documents attached, including receipts and details of expenditures made. You can also see new pictures here or on Facebook.

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