Purchase of Hematology Equipment for a Laboratory in Rawalpindi


ADP is funding the purchase of Hematology Analyzer and Microplate Reader for a laboratory run by the Behbud Association of Pakistan (BAP) in Rawalpindi. BAP runs clinics offering free consultation and medicines to patients from under-privileged communities including specialist treatment for Diabetes/Hypertension and pediatrics. Diagnostic services are available at the premises on nominal charges but the laboratory lacks equipment  for blood analysis. This equipment is essential for developing an accurate hematology profile and enables the diagnosis of dengue fever, anemia, bacterial or viral infections and different types of blood cancers.

Partner Profile

The Behbud Association of Pakistan was founded in 1967 by small group of volunteers wishing to work for the welfare of under-privileged members of the society. Over the last forty years it has evolved into a national non-government, non-political, non-profit organization with branches in different cities across the country. BAP aims to empower women and their communities by providing health, education, income generation and vocational training regardless of color, cast or creed and has assisted thousands of beneficiaries to become self-reliant and productive members of society.

The Behbud Headquarters in Rawalpindi provide health care services to the under-privileged residents of not only that area but also from other areas due to the easy accessibility by public transport.  A fairly large section of the population benefits from these health facilities but they are currently facing problems due to the lack of diagnostic equipment at the laboratory.

Investment Rationale

Critical Need: Taking into account the high prevalence of Dengue and Hepatitis in the country, the addition of Hematology Analyzer and a Microplate Reader will play a critical role in strengthening the diagnostic facilities and monitoring dengue patients, particularly for the patients who cannot afford private health care.

Sustainability: The diagnostic equipment will strengthen the hospital infrastructure, benefiting not only the needy patients but also serving as a source of revenue generation from the paying patients. Moreover, the hospital has indicated the ability to bear the maintenance cost of the equipment.

Credibility: BAP is a well reputed non profit run by a dedicated group of volunteers. The laboratory itself is run by a highly qualified pathologist Dr. Surraya Wajahat Latif and has served 13,000 patients during 2011.

Key Metrics

ADP will monitor the progress via the following key metrics:

  • Total number of patients undergoing tests (projected and actual)
  • Utilization of Hematology Analyzer and a Microplate Reader(regular updates from BAP and monitored by the ADP Project Team)


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Type: Health
Cost: 9132

Location: Rawalpindi, Punjab
Launched: February 2013