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Do you have a great project idea? Read the following guidelines and send a proposal our way.

We fund promising development initiatives in Pakistan for up to PKR 8 lacs. (Please check out our Projects section for information on existing and past projects that we have funded). If you are with an NGO that is planning an exciting project and requires funding, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Good projects tend to serve critical social needs and are self-sustainable in the long run. In order for a project to be approved for funding, it has to satisfy our volunteer committee's rigorous evaluation under the following criteria. The project must:

  • Serve a critical need
  • Have a high social return on investment
  • Make a measurable impact
  • Provide longer-term sustainability
  • Be run by a credible team

Note that given our focus on longer-term sustainability, we tend not to fund operating costs for an ongoing project.

Please note that there are new proposal forms for water and education sector projects. For all other types of projects, NGOs should submit the older version of the forms.

If your project fits the criteria above, please download, fill out, and submit our Project Proposal Form to or fill out and submit the online proposal form.

Fields in bold are mandatory. Your application will not be considered if any of these fields is not completed.

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Please provide 3 references of individuals or organizations that are not involved in your organization's day-to-day operations

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this proposal, you agree that you and your organization fully satisfy the following terms to receive funding from ADP:

  1. No religious mission or agenda, no sponsorship of religious projects of any kind, and no commitment to exclusively helping members of a particular religious background.
  2. No institutional affiliation with any political parties.
  3. No ethnic affiliation or commitment to only helping members of a particular ethnic group.
  4. The organization and its officers have never engaged in any illegal activity or in teaching, propagating or supporting, either directly or indirectly, acts of violence or terrorism.

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