Project Resources

The following forms, guidelines and other documents are the resources used by our volunteers as they help select, evaluate, monitor and run projects.

Volunteer Introduction Introduction to ADP and the general nature of volunteering opportunities
Project Solicitation Guide for volunteers soliciting new projects from non-profits
Project Evaluation Guide Step-by-step walk-through for Project Teams on how to evaluate a project
Evaluation Committee Training for experienced volunteers selected to make final project decisions
Project Flow Detailed process map showing the internal steps involved and related timing and responsibilities for evaluating a project
Chapters Detailed guidelines for volunteers on how to start and run a local chapter
Water Project Grant application to be filled out by non-profits seeking funding for water-related projects
Education Project Grant application to be filled out by non-profits seeking funding for education-related projects
Proposal Grant application to be filled out by non-profits seeking project funding
Screening Checklist to be used by EC members screening new project proposals
Forums Discussion board used by project teams to share information and views
Evaluation Summary of key project information for EC calls during evaluation process
Site Visit Summary of key site visit questions and findings
Legal Information needed by ADP’s General Counsel for legal approval of a project
Contract Agreement to be signed between ADP and the non-profit before funds can be released
Website Information needed by ADP to create project web page and fundraising materials
Documentation Checklist Information needed to be retained by ADP on every approved project
Wire Transfer Information needed by ADP to complete transfer of funds to the non-profit
Volunteer Request Form to be filled out by ADP teams that need new volunteers

Project Spotlight

Al-Makkah Medical Center Expansion

ADP is expanding a Medicare Center in Faisalabad to provide important facilities like X-ray and anesthesia machine services,and hire five trained community members.

Al-Makkah Medical Center Expansion Construction of a Secondary School in Natt Kalan Funding ER & Day Care Equipment at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Al-Qasim Biogas Plants

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