I Have an NGO

Do you know of an organization that does exciting, socially valuable work and needs assistance? At ADP, we fund promising development initiatives in Pakistan for upto PKR 8 lacs. We look for credibility and quality in the individuals we partner with, so please keep the following guidelines in mind while suggesting suitable organizations:

  • Responsiveness: The NGO should be quick and reliable in its communication with ADP. It should take ownership of the projects we fund and be eager to implement them.
  • Capability: The NGO should have a track record of proven ability in the relevant field, so we can be sure it will successfully execute the project under review.
  • Integrity: The organization must be trustworthy and completely transparent.
  • Leadership and personnel: The NGO should have a qualified team working on the relevant project, led by able and committed partners and associates.

If your NGO meets the criteria above, please fill out the following form:

Organization name
Contact person
Telephone number
Area of expertise
Brief description
of organization/
Reason for
suggesting it

Project Spotlight

Emergency Shelters

RSD was a grassroots organization that addressed the lack of proper shelter in areas affected by the earthquake in South Asia in 2005.

Emergency Shelters Expansion of Model Village – Basti Dayat Rebuilding a Hospital Water Pumps in Shenky & Cheena

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