Our Process

ADP encourages small to medium-size non-profits in Pakistan to submit grant proposals for projects that need funding. Assuming a proposal passes our initial screen, we staff a volunteer Project Team to conduct deeper due diligence. The team works with the non-profit over the course of 3-4 months to assess the merits of the project. They present their findings to ADP’s Evaluation Committee, which makes a final decision on whether to fund the project.  If approved, the Project Team helps to raise money for the project and is also responsible for monitoring implementation and outcomes.

Sourcing: ADP’s Operations Director, volunteers and partners actively solicit grant proposals for small development projects from non-profit development organizations. Project proposals are submitted electronically via email or our online proposal form.

Screening: Proposals are put through an initial screen to ensure they fall within the scope of projects ADP funds. Evaluation Committee members assesses the proposal against a Screening Checklist and make decisions during our monthly EC screening calls.

Staffing: Once a proposal passes the initial screen, the Volunteer Manager spends 2 weeks identifying, interviewing and training volunteers to staff a Project Team of 3-4 volunteers and an Evaluation Committee of 2-3 experienced volunteers. The Project Team is led by a volunteer who typically has prior project experience with ADP, and the Evaluation Committee includes at least one member from our Permanent Evaluation Committee.

Evaluation: For 3-4 months after a project is staffed, the Project Team works closely with the non-profit to assess the feasibility of the project. The due diligence plan is crafted with input from the Evaluation Committee, and typically includes a visit to the project site, extensive discussions with the non-profit and external research. The Project Team regularly reports its findings to the Evaluation Committee, which provides feedback and guidance. The final decision is made through a vote of the Evaluation Committee. If a project is approved, the Project Team prepares and executes a funding contract with the non-profit. ADP then raises funds for the project over the course of 2-3 weeks from its network of supporters, with the Project Team playing an active role.

Monitoring: Once a project has been funded, 1-2 members of the Project Team are entrusted with monitoring the project’s progress and measuring the social impact created over 1-2 years.