We rigorously evaluate all project proposals against the following five criteria:

Critical Need: Addresses a major hardship for the community or a crucial element of the poverty cycle.

Social Return: Cost-effective solution with an attractive social return compared to alternatives.

Measurability: The social impact of the project can be measured directly or is knowable based on prior research. 

Sustainability: The project can create a lasting impact. We evaluate sustainability along two dimensions: 1) whether the impact will last beyond the duration of our funding, and 2) whether the project itself is sustainable.

Credibility: We are committed to working with non-profits that are responsive, capable and transparent. In addition, we do not work with organizations that have a religious, ethnic or political agenda.

If you know of a deserving project or non-profit organization, please tell us about it!

Project Spotlight

Construction of a Secondary School in Natt Kalan

ADP is funding the expansion of a girl's primary school in Natt Kalan in rural Punjab to provide much-needed secondary education in the area.

Construction of a Secondary School in Natt Kalan Water Supply in Gandheri Village Emergency Shelters Biogas Plants in Dera Ismail Khan

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