Prison Wells

Drawing water from a well


ADP is working with Khubaib Foundation on a well-digging project to better the lives of prisoners of the Women Jail in Multan. The Khubaib Foundation conducted a survey of the jails in Pakistan, and the Women Jail in Multan was found to be in critical need of clean water. The cost of one boring is roughly $737, and will meet the daily needs of at least 200-300 inmates for 2-2.5 years. The well will take about a month to complete and Khubaib Foundation will supervise monthly and bi-annual maintenance activities.

Investment Thesis

  1. Decrease occurrence of water-borne diseases inside the jails.
  2. General outlook of healthier prisoners (mental health, willingness to enroll in rehabilitation programs).

Key Metrics

  1. Water samples before and after the boring.
  2. Occurrences of water borne diseases before and after boring.


Khubaib Foundation is a social, educational and cultural NGO based in Pakistan. The organization is working towards the rehabilitation of prisoners and children rights, with special attention to orphans.

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