Building a New School in Bhun Khurd


ADP is funding the construction of a primary school for 330 children on the southeast side of Hafizabad city in Punjab. The school will cater to 15 villages within a 5km radius that currently lack access to quality education. This will be the twelfth MH Sufi Foundation school in Hafizabad District.

The ground floor building includes eleven classrooms, bathrooms and a head teacher’s office. The total construction cost is Rs. 4.93 million, of which ADP is covering about half, with the remaining funds coming from the MH Sufi Foundation.

Construction is expected to be complete by late summer 2013.

In 2011, ADP funded the expansion of a primary school run by the MH Sufi Foundation in the Village of Kaseese (also in Hafizabad District) , and we are excited at the opportunity to partner with them again.

Partner Profile

The M.H Sufi Foundation was established in 1994 as a charitable not for profit organization with the objective of promoting and providing quality education to the underprivileged children in the country’s rural areas. Since then the Foundation has established eleven schools in Hafizabad, a rural district in Punjab with little access to quality education and a population of over 1 million.

The Foundation’s schools currently have a strength of 4,400, around one third of which are girls. The teaching faculty comprises mostly of female graduates from Hafizabad. The Foundation is certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) which certifies credible NPOs in the area of internal governance, financial management & program delivery.

The Foundation’s objective is to set up a total of 25 schools over the next 5 to 10 years throughout Hafizabad so that quality education is accessible to each child of the district. The Foundation’s vision is to create a critical mass of well-educated people in Hafizabad, who not only serve as an engine for the district’s socioeconomic progress, but also collectively serve as a model for other districts in Punjab and other provinces to emulate.

Key Metrics

ADP will monitor the progress via the following key metrics:

  • Construction progress and budget updates
  • Student enrollment levels
  • Teacher and student attendance
  • Student assessments

Investment Rationale

ADP is excited about funding this project since it supports the expansion of a high quality school system in a deserving rural area.

Critical Need: Two-thirds of Pakistan’s 170-million plus population lives in rural areas, where access to quality education is limited. M.H. Sufi schools provide education of a much higher quality than the local government and private school alternatives. The only comparable alternative providing similar quality education is a Beaconhouse school located in the city of Hafizabad, but it charges roughly five times the tuition fees that M.H. Sufi does. Demand for the school’s services continues to remain strong.

Effectiveness: We believe MH Sufi foundation is providing high quality education based on the following metrics:

  • Greater than 95% teacher and student attendance levels
  • Student to Teacher ratio of 17:1
  • Teachers receive 1 year of training at Ali Institute of Education
  • 85% of students receive 1st division in Matric
  • 5th grade learning outcomes well in excess of district averages for government and private schools

Below is a comparison of some MH Sufi metrics vs. benchmarks*:

Cost-efficiency: The construction is estimated to cost Rs. 730 per sq ft. Our team obtained estimates from two different contractors in the area for similar construction, and believes that the market rates are  in the Rs. 800-1,000 per sq ft range.

Sustainability: The Foundation self-funds the operations of its school through the fees it charges it students, thereby ensuring that the new classrooms will continue to operate successfully well beyond the current funding cycle.

Credibility: The Foundation comes highly recommended and previously received donations from the both the Japanese and Italian governments, reaffirming the credibility of the institution. ADP volunteers were also impressed with the caliber of the team through interactions with the Chairman of the foundation and the school administration.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How can we be assured that the Foundation is actually providing higher quality education?

85% of the students in Matric achieve first division results. ADP’s site visit showed that 5th grade students had a higher level of proficiency in English, Urdu and Math than similar students at government and private schools in the district. All teachers at the school have a Bachelor’s degree and most of them have been through a 1-year teacher training program at the reputable Ali Institute of Education in Lahore.

Q: Charging Rs. 1,300 in monthly fees, is M.H. Sufi serving a deserving segment of the population?

MH Sufi’s focus has been on providing high quality education in rural Hafizabad. The low student to teacher ratios and investments in teacher training drive higher costs than lower quality private schools, though fees compare quite favorably (a third or less) to higher quality private schools like Beaconhouse.

While the schools serve a wide demographic, the average income of an M.H. Sufi family is estimated to be in the Rs 15,000-Rs 25,000/ month range. This would generally be considered the upper end of low-income or lower end of the middle class in Pakistan. About 25% of students receive some form of scholarship, with 15% paying less than half of the regular fees.

ADP hopes to work with MH Sufi Foundation to maintain a healthy balance between quality and costs in the future and ensure continued access for the most deserving families.

*The 2012 Annual Status of Education Reports (ASER) for Hafizabad and Punjab were used to obtain the averages for government and private schools.

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Type: Education
Cost: $25,000

Location: Bhun Khurd, Hafizabad, Punjab
Launched: May 2013