Flood Relief

In the summer of 2010, Pakistan was ravaged by the worst natural disaster in its history. The floods that killed 1,600 people washed away the houses and livelihoods of 20 million others. The people affected by this disaster exceed the number impacted by the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, Asian Tsunami, and Haiti earthquake combined.

ADP coordinated with its partners on the ground to identify the most deserving organizations to help. Some of our efforts are highlighted below.

1) Emergency Shelters in Sindh

ADP partnered with UNHCR to deliver emergency shelters (tents) to Bhan Saeedabad, Sindh an underserved region in southern Pakistan that was devastated by the flooding.  We raised over $70,000 for UNHCR to provide over 450 tents to AHD, a local NGO that is operating a relief camp for flood affectees.

You can read more about this project here.

2) Clean Drinking Water in Charsaddah

ADP raised over $5,000  for Network for Education and Economic Development Services (NEEDS), a local partner in the region, to install hand-pumps to provide clean drinking water to flood affected villages.  We  will post updates on this project as we receive them. Read more about the project plan in this document.

3) Recommended Organizations

A large number of organizations were and involved in relief activities.  ADP volunteers conducted checks in the days and weeks after the floods to compile a recommended list of  agencies based on the following criteria:

  • Relevant past experience
  • Clearly laid out disaster relief plan
  • Targeting the worst-hit areas
  • Low levels of overhead
  • Dedicated fund for flood relief
Recommended Organizations
NGO 501(c)3 Targeted Areas People Targeted Nature of Relief Due Diligence
Oxfam America, UK, Canada Yes All Pakistan 100,000+ Water, Sanitation DD Form
Muslim Hands (UK) No All Pakistan 90,000+ Food, Medicines, Tents DD Form
Mercy Corps US, UK Yes Swat Valley 10,000+ Food, Water DD Form
Doctors Worldwide (UK) No Nowshera Mobile Clinics DD Form
The Citizens Foundation Yes All Pakistan 300,000+ Food DD Form
We will be updating this list as our volunteers continue to screen NGOs.

4) Flood Redevelopment Fund

ADP is now focused on the tremendous task of rehabilitation that lies ahead. As a result, we have set up a Flood Redevelopment Fund for the rehabilitation of those affected by these floods, along similar lines to the Earthquake Reconstruction Fund that ADP deployed after the 2005 earthquake. If you would like to donate to long-term rehabilitation efforts, please visit  here.

All photos courtesy of Reuters, AFP, and Getty Images.

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