Noor Lakhan Computer Lab


ADP is funding the creation of a computer lab and computer literacy program in a government school in Noor Lakhan (NLS), Ghotki, Sindh. The project was envisioned and will be carried out by the Sahara Welfare Society over the next 6-8 months. It aims to spread computer literacy in rural areas to build relevant skills for both higher education and job competitiveness.

This project will provide 150 students with essential computing skills they need to pursue higher education or jobs.  Some students are currently enrolled in computer courses in private academies to make themselves more competitive for the job market.  The successful implementation of this project at NLS will act as a benchmark for the remaining 11 schools in the district, and the computer literacy program will then expand to the other schools.  

With ADP’s assistance, Sahara can successfully implement this project.  The funding for this project is PKR 930,000-1,000,000, of which ADP is providing 80%. The remainder and operating budget will be borne by Sahara.

Investment Rationale

Critical Need: This school is located in a remote area where most people have never seen computers.  Providing them access to computer literacy represents progress for the entire community towards bridging the digital divide.  Within this school, there is a batch of 8th graders whom they would like to provide basic computer skills so they can successfully compete with urban students for admission in the 9th grade.

Social Return: Computer literate students have the opportunity to be more employable and also to earn more throughout their lifetime.  Parents in the community encourage children to pursue higher education when they see the return on the investment they make in education.

Measurability: The success of this project will be tracked through job placement statistics of students in this program. In addition, the key metrics provided below will be used to evaluate the ROI. Please also see the attached performance metrics document.

Sustainability: Sahara has been involved in this community for almost 10 years, and their previous work experience with these schools shows that they are dedicated to sustainability.

Key Metrics

ADP will determine the success of this project based on several factors:

  • At the end of each academic year, a report will be submitted to ADP that contains statistics on those students who continue their education and are opting to enroll in computer courses, students who cannot go to school but are enrolled in NLS evening courses and for those that are working, how many students find work involving computers.
  • The percentage of students who are continuing their education (out of the total), this will be compared to previous years to see if computer education has any impact. 
  • For those who are working in the computer related field, feedback should be received from their employers.
  • The number of nearby school students using computer labs in the evening.
  • The number of NLS graduates pursuing higher education coming to computer lab in the evening for practice.

Partner Profile

The Sahara Welfare Society is a non-profit, non-government welfare and development organization that as been working in the Ghotki district since 1988.  Sahara is involved with in four programs: Education, Health, Poverty Alleviation/Income Generation and the Teachers Training Centre.  Sahara has set up 12 primary schools and adopted 13 government primary schools.  There are 4,000 children enrolled in these schools.  Health programs aim to provide health services to 4,000 patients per year, particularly to the underprivileged population of District Ghotki.  Sahara focuses on poverty alleviation by empowering young girls from disadvantaged communities and providing them income-generating skills.  The Teachers Training Centre provides quality training in different academic subjects; thus far 2,400 teachers have been trained.

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  • The completion of Noor Lakhan (NLS) government school’s computer lab in Ghotki, Sindh, is well underway. Funded by ADP and Sahara, this project will provide 150 students with the computer skills required for job placement and higher education.

    So far, the construction of the computer room is complete, along with electric wiring and outlets. An air conditioner has also been installed, as well as a chalkboard. Wooden computer work stations are in place. Accordingly, a computer instructor was hired by the school to guide students through their classes. He has prepared a syllabus and instructions that aim to best prepare students for computer-related careers. Also, a watchman was hired for the students’ safety in preparation of upcoming classes.

    Tasks that remain include buying and installing computers, obtaining a petrol generator, painting the room, and touching up the ceiling. These remaining tasks will be completed in the upcoming months.

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Type: Education
Cost: PKR 930,000-1,000,000

Location: Noor Lakhan, Sindh