Naveen Qureshi

Naveen has been involved with ADP since 2010 to present. During this time she has evaluated a number of projects in both water, energy and education, and was fast promoted to the position of a Project Team Leader.┬áNaveen graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Toronto in 2011. She is currently working in Toronto at Capital One Canada 11208644_794175190736_1557783732729207478_nand previously worked as an Expert Analyst for Target Canada. Naveen’s interests lie in sustainable policies for education, sanitation and renewable energy.

Volunteer Spotlight

Usman Hassan Usman Hassan

Usman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and currently works at Oliver Wyman in Boston.

Usman Hassan Danyaal Farooqui Sana Elahi Rania Nasir