Nabeel Hasnain

Nabeel Hasnain

Nabeel joined ADP in 2008 and has volunteered as a permanent team leader on multiple projects.

Born in Karachi, raised in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Nabeel graduated from Stanford University in 2007 with a M.S./B.S. in Management Science.

Nabeel currently works at a solar startup in the Bay Area, CA.  Previously, he was an Investment Banker at JPMorgan.

Nabeel enjoys all kinds of sports, especially cricket.

Volunteer Spotlight

Syeda Quratulain Masood Syeda Quratulain Masood

Syeda joined ADP in 2011, and as a Permanent Evaluation Committee member, has completed evaluations in the Education, Water, and Sanitation sectors.

Syeda Quratulain Masood Rabia Saeed Mariam Rafique Habiya Beg