Mubarik Imam

Mubarik Imam

Mubarik joined ADP in 2003 and currently serves as the organization’s President. She led the Nilore ¬†science lab project and was active in earthquake redevelopment investments. Outside of ADP, she has been involved with several development initiatives such as setting up computer and science labs in Pakistani villages, designing the Dominican Republic’s first science museum and working on energy/IT related development projects in Lesotho. She is the youngest fellow to be selected by the Acumen Fund and¬†is a co-founder of Ghonsla, a startup building low-cost residential insulation. Mubarik holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Volunteer Spotlight

Rabia Saeed Rabia Saeed

Rabia has an MBA from National University, FAST and is currently working with the Rausing Executive Development Centre at LUMS.

Rabia Saeed Shahid Bosan Sobia Nusrat Adnan Pathan