Kharo Chan School

Festivities at opening

ADP is funding the establishment of a primary school at a cluster of selected villages in Kharo Chan, Thatta District of Sindh. The goal is to construct a school with sufficient space for 100 students, provide furniture, books and supplies, and employ 2 teachers. The project will be funded by ADP for one year, during which the partner NGO, Action for Humanitarian Development (AHD), will register the school as a branch of a local government school. This will entitle the school to receive funding from the Sindh Education Board to support operational costs for subsequent years.

Kharo Chan is located about 230km east of Karachi, a coastal area situated in the Indus Delta. It is a collection of villages along the coast, with a population of 37,363. Survey data indicates that 26% of the population is educated, 85% of which have below primary level education. Most children remain idle during the day, and the village elders have shown great interest in sending them to school. There are more than 200 children in the targeted collection of villages below the age of 10. It is expected that 40-50% of them will be enrolled in the proposed school, with equal opportunities for both girls and boys. The hope is that the school’s capacity and number of students enrolled will increase each year.

The school will be operated by AHD, which has been active in the region for more than 8 years. The NGO has successfully executed community building projects in partnership with organizations such as UNDP and Oxfam G.B. Currently, AHD is working with WWF to setup basic windmills and help locals manage resources in a more sustainable manner.

To monitor the execution of the project, AHD will have a part-time representative in Thatta, whose responsibilities will be to oversee all ground operations and report progress. The immediate need for funding is to begin construction of the school, subsequent to which additional funds will be needed for supplies and teacher salary.

Profile of AHD

Action for Humanitarian Development (AHD) was set up in 2001, operating primarily in district Dadu (Sindh). Since then AHD has expanded its area of action to a further 2 districts—Thatta and Karachi. AHD has worked with both the government and local communities to raise awareness about development issues and civic problems. It has helped local NGOs strengthen and grow, and has been strongly involved with the NGOs in the education sector. AHD has a team of experts with successful implementation experience on projects sponsored by Actionaid Pakistan, Oxfam GB Pakistan, European Commission, CIDA, National Endowment for Democracy USA, UNDP-GEF, and WWF Pakistan, SDPI, NCHD, and IUCN.

The school AHD is proposing to build in Kharo Chann is the first time such a project is being taken on by the group. However, as this is not the first time AHD will be working in Kharo Chann, the NGO already has a good relationship with the local community and is confident of executing the project successfully.

Key Metrics

  • Completion of school building
  • Number of students enrolled, class attendance and tests for students’ performance
  • Details of teachers recruited
  • Setting up of and monthly reports from the School Management Committee.
  • Approval of adoption of the school by the Sindh Education Board.

Investment Rationale

  • Need: The need for education in low-literacy areas is apparent and cannot be understated. The nearest other school in the area is not easily accessible for community of and around Kharo Chann. This new school will cater to 4 villages and 100 students.
  • Demand: There is a strong demand from within the community itself for this school and the village elders have agreed to participate in the School Management Committee as a sign of support.
  • Confidence in the NGO: As a result of extensive interactions with the representative from AHD, Mr Yaseen Rind, the evaluation team has come to the conclusion that AHD is sufficiently interested in and invested in this project. AHD members visit the area frequently and have a good relationship with the local community, which should facilitate the development of the project at the local level.


Q. How likely is it for the Sindh Education Board (SEB) to fund the school in the future? A. This model of building a school first and obtaining future funding by the SEB has been used for numerous schools by the National Commission for Human Development in rural Sindh. ADP has spoken to the Executive District Officer of Education in Karachi who has also confirmed the use of such a funding model for branch schools.

Q. Where will you find the teachers and how committed will they be? A. AHD has identified candidates from the local population who are educated up to the Matric level and are keen to be teachers for the school. The Sindh Education Foundation has agreed to help in the development and training of these teachers.

Q. Are the villagers committed to sending their children to the school? A. A site visit by ADP’s volunteers has confirmed that enthusiasm for the school is phenomenal among the villagers. Children remain idle during the day, and elders would rather have them spend their time productively.

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  • AHD has reported that the total current enrollment of the Kharo Chan School is 74 (49 boys and 25 girls). The enrollment has decreased from 90, predominantly because of migration and traditions that do not permit girls beyond a certain age to attend school.

    Class 1: 22 boys, 6 girls Class 2: 26 boys, 17 girls Class 5: 1 boy and 2 girls

    ADP funding has also been used for minor repairs in the past few months.

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Type: Education
Cost: PKR 331,240

Location: Kharo Chan, Thatta
Launched: In Progress