Healthcare Training


In August/September of 2004 DIL (Developments in Literacy) and ADP undertook a program to train 76 DIL school teachers in primary healthcare and nutrition. As respected community members, teachers are in a unique position to disseminate first-aid and health information to children, and act as the first line of defense for minor health concerns affecting student performance. At the end of the training certificates were given to all the teachers and a first-aid box for each school. Each trainee was also given photocopies of reading material that could be kept in the school and referred to whenever needed. The training is expected to impact over 5,000 children and, if successful, could be rolled out across the entire DIL network.

Investment Thesis

  1. Potentially efficient model for disseminating first aid and health awareness
  2. Measure and influence health issues affecting student performance
  3. Increase respect for teachers within the community

Key Metrics

  1. Student attendance
  2. Incidence of various health issues
  3. Teacher/community feedback


DIL (Developments in Literacy) is a US-based NGO focused on education for girls in rural areas. They currently operate over 200 schools with several partners NGOs in Pakistan.

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