Supporting nonprofits that deliver measurable results

Since 2005, our systematic approach has ensured that we have funded 36 of the highest-impact development projects in Pakistan, each of which were vetted thoroughly and given approval out of over 300 proposed projects. This has involved investing more than $300,000 in 31 promising non-profits, directly improving the lives of over 150,000 underprivileged Pakistanis. What makes all of this even better is that all of this was achieved by a global volunteer network consisting of over 250 people!

Looking for an NGO that delivers

ADP criteria;click to see more detailsHowever, the numbers don’t fully capture the value of ADP’s work. In particular, each of the projects we fund go through a rigorous due diligence process from teams of skilled volunteers. ADP evaluates each project on five criteria in order to maximize the social return on investment and ensure that donations are used effectively.

We place a great deal of importance around accountability and transparency with our projects, using metrics to prove impact to donors. This makes it critical for the NGOs we support to be credible, trustworthy and financially stable.

This may seem to be a fairly conservative approach, but in fact our rigor makes it possible for donors to take risks and go beyond the usual suspects when choosing how to achieve the greatest impact. Philanthropic funding in Pakistan tends to be concentrated in a few well-known, heavily marketed NGOs that enjoy the trust of donors.

However, this creates gaps in service delivery where those big NGOs do not operate, and our work makes it possible for philanthropists to support a wider range of nonprofits and projects than ever before. The NGOs supported are located in various regions of Pakistan, often in under-served areas, and work across several sectors including health, education, water and energy.

The funding process

ADP brings high impact development initiatives in Pakistan to donors. The best way to do this is by support high-performing nonprofits using an established process that allows investments to be replicated.

ADP's funding process; click for more details

ADP’s funding process

The following five steps are essential to the ADP process:

  1. Research high areas of impact
  2. Identify high potential NGOs and solicit projects
  3. Rigorously evaluate proposals – interviews, site visits, expert advice and cost benefit analyses
  4. Fund the best projects after agreeing on success metrics
  5. Measure high impact through post-funding monitoring

Sounds simple, but in fact all of this involves a lot of hard work and demands high intelligence levels from our volunteers to ensure ADP delivers quality results as a non-profit organisation. Without them, ADP really can’t function.