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Voting -"nomad Children & Infectious Diseases"

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Should ADP fund Nomad Children & Infectious Diseases project?
Vote closed!
 90%  [ 10 ]
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

Author Message
Maham Daher

Joined: 14 Feb 2005
Last Visit: 06 Aug 2006
Posts: 20
Location: Berkeley, CA
PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2005 12:16 am    Post subject: VOTING -"Nomad Children & Infectious Diseases" Reply with quote

Project Name: Internship Project: Nomad Children & Infectious Diseases

NGO: Child Rights & Abuse Committee of the Pakistan Pediatric Association (CRAC-PPA)

Location: Lahore

Funds Requested: $2,631

CRAC-PPA has finally satisfied the main concern ADP had regarding the long-term expansion of the project which they have committed to fleshing out. We are thus ready to put the project to vote.

- We would appreciate it if you read all the related discussions and Q&A posted on the forums prior to making your decision.

- Ahsen, Sajjad and the team have put a good deal of effort into researching and fleshing out this project. To be fair and appreciative of their efforts, please review all the relevant info.

- Please also clearly specify the thoughts and reasoning behind your decision. This will not only help us relay the appropriate reasons to the team and the NGO but will help folks reason out the pros and cons for supporting the project.

- If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or post your queries.

- The poll will be open until midnight Sunday July 17.

Thanks for participating!
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Maham Daher

Joined: 14 Feb 2005
Last Visit: 06 Aug 2006
Posts: 20
Location: Berkeley, CA
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 3:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My Vote: Fund the Project!

-PPA is an established organization that has been in existence for close to 40 years and has had some projects on child rights, child abuse and children's health. Godh was founded in 1998 and has been conducting various health and educational projects aimed directly at nomad children.

Confidence in People Managing the Project
-Sajjad and Ahsen have done a lot of leg work and have had several meetings with the folks at CRAC-PPA including the director of CRAC-PPA, Dr. Zafar and the manager for the project, Sarah Asad. They both feel confident in CRAC-PPA's ability to successfully conduct the project.

Having Our Own Intern Implementing the Project
-In addition, we have a lot of confidence in the ability of our intern to drive and mould the project. Ahsen has so far demonstrated a lot of imitative and thoughtfulness in laying out the proposal and interacting with the NGO to address ADP's concerns. Further, ADP can be actively involved in guiding Ahsen on the project during the course of the internship.

Critical Need
Godh has been working with the community of nomad children as the target audience for all its health and education projects. Godh has a strong background of this community and along with CRAC-PPA has determined that young adolescents are at high risk
of contracting Hepatitis B and other infectious diseases.

There have been many rounds of discussions between ADP and CRAC-PPA regarding the long-term sustainability of the project. Both CRAC-PPA and Godh together have responded positively to expanding the project long-term. They have already proposed some initial steps and are willing to work with us in further developing their plan. This long-term sustainability is in line with Godh's overall goal for improving the condition of these nomad children.

Since a great deal of evidence already exists about the efficacy of the vaccine, there is no need to test the reduction in incidence of the disease among the children we vaccinate. Instead we would like to measure the following 2 things:

-1) Compliance with the Vaccine: i.e. Record the number of children returning/ complying with each additional round of vaccination. Godh is confident in being able to have high compliance among children.
-2) Educational Component: We would like to test the impact of the educational component of the program. To reinforce the educational/ awareness component, CRAC-PPA would like to have additional rounds of seminars with each round of vaccination. We can then survey children on their understanding of the disease and how they can protect themselves.

I do feel we can improve these metrics. As the internship will allow us to further develop the project, I am confident that we can work with Ahsen to flesh these metrics out.
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Omar Biabani

Joined: 28 Jan 2005
Last Visit: 06 Jan 2008
Posts: 93
Location: Boston, MA
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 11:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My Vote: Yes

This is a very interesting project for ADP especially because, for the first time, an ADP intern (Ahsen) will execute the project on the ground along with the help of CRAC-PPA & Godh. Ahsen, in collaboration with CRAC/Godh, developed this project and he seems motivated enough to implement it.

My biggest concern :

My biggest concern since the start of this project has been a single question - "What happens to 34,000 minus 200 = 33800 nomads who are also in need of vaccination and education ?" The initial proposal suggested that Ahsen, as a part of his internship, will explore various avenues to generate funds/cooperation from established businesses on the ground in order to expand the scope of the project in the next round.

It was great that Ahsen had already thought about the bigger challenge - reaching out to the rest of the nomad population - and this was not just a one-off project that makes everyone feel good about themselves. Someone besides ADP and Ahsen SHOULD be thinking hard about this question. Who I really wanted to hear a future plan from was not Ahsen or ADP but CRAC and Godh - not a fleshed out plan but at least an assurance that they ARE and WILL consider this as a prototype to fuel this program's future growth. It was when CRAC came back with some suggestions regarding the future of the project that I started inclining towards a 'yes'. CRAC's response, along with the fact that our own intern will develop a strategy for future expansion of this project, suggests that we are headed in the right direction.
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Danish Saleem

Joined: 16 Feb 2005
Last Visit: 27 Apr 2007
Posts: 78
Location: San Jose
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 11:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All the pros and cons have been mentioned above by Maham and Omer. The NGO seems to be credible and the results are tangible - I hope we will get the names of the children getting the vacines.

It would be nice to know the reasoning behind the 'No' vote.
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Bilal Arif

Joined: 08 Feb 2005
Last Visit: 01 Oct 2007
Posts: 43
Location: Arlington, MA
PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

In order to sustain and expand this project, additional funding is necessary. I understand that the plan to move forward exists, but without additional funding CRAC/Godh can not move forward.

Do we know of other organizations willing to funds this expansion or have CRAC/Godh identified potential donors organizations. Also, what is the timeline for the next step, do we have an idea if it is six months, one year etc. Who will be following up and monitor the program over potentially few years. I feel that CRAC/Godh has the desire to expand this project further to make the impact more powerful but the plan to achieve it is missing.

The question is, will ADP be content with this pilot effort alone without further expansion if it does not happen? Also, if we move ahead with this project, I think it would be nice to formalize and document all IOUs that we need to complete.

Without a proper plan for expansion, my vote for this project is NO.
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Jehanzeb Noor

Joined: 26 May 2005
Last Visit: 25 Jan 2008
Posts: 7
PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 2:43 pm    Post subject: Yes vote and why Reply with quote

The project seems viable and the impact long lasting. The amount of work, as far as I can tell, that has been put in to the preparation, contacting the NGO and setting out practical steps is immense as well as impressive. In my experience, such planning and vision for non-profit projects is almost always lacking, while funds are poured in and wasted. This project seems to have answered more questions than any fair and neutral observer can even come up with. Hence, I feel comfortable in saying that the project has all reasons in its favour to be a success and it deserves immediate support without any further delay.

As per Mr. Arif's concerns, one would say let's look at this from a realistic and practical perspective. No one is going to sit down and sign a contract with ADP to make this an everlasting project. However, the NGOs, Mr. Haider, and the intern himself seem to have shown great commitment and good ideas for the longer term sustenance of this project. Not only have they made an effort to exhort the long term vision from the very start, but they have also come up with ways in which the project can and will be continued. In the non-profit sector, one needs to show the potential for preliminary results before panning out a project even conceptually. Think of it this way: it is like going to a venture capitalist with a great idea for a product and good vision of the future, but no prototype! The VC will ask you to go and test initial results and come back. With that approach to this first stage of the project, ADP can actually help make it long term. Otherwise, "long term" becomes all talk with shooting in thin air. People (both benefactors and beneficiaries) are very used to hearing great ideas and hollow promises that amount to nothing in the end. Isn't that the whole story behind the country? So one would want a careful balance of future vision with what can actually be done now and then carried forward. To me, this project has shown exactly that - thus far, of course a lot of work is left to be done but ADP seems to have good people in the field for that. In other words, I see this project as ready to go now, and something that has the potential to be long-term. With optimism and the right amount of work, the benefits of the project are long term any way: implicitly by saving the lives of many children and those who would come in contact with them - e.g. even only 5 lives saved that would last for another 50 years is 250 years human years - that to me is long term; and explicitly through a sincere commitment from the people involved to carry the project forward *pending its initial success*. You can't base a long term project on no start. Financially, the capital investment balances out very well against the benefits of disease education and practical prevention that will come out in the end.

I recall that the intern himself said "these communities are tired of hearing lectures and receiving promises; they want to know what can be done for them in reality and how things can change". The more care we show now, the more likely it is that this and such other projects will get long-term support. In other words, the project this summer is a pre-requisite to any long term objectives any way, so one would sure hope that no further delay is made. One can't find enough words to say that but you get the point.

So that is where support is needed to be shown *now*, by voting yes and ensuring the pilot project is a success. The more this is delayed, the greater the risk of losing something with great potential. Thanks.
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