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Cew-s Healthcare Project

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Khurram Owais Shah

Joined: 07 Nov 2007
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Location: Karachi
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:58 am    Post subject: CEW-S Healthcare Project Reply with quote

Project Team: Uzaib Saya (team lead), Hassam Hussain, Ahsan Hussain, Ahsan Tanveer
EC: Natasha Qureshi, Aisha Raees
Project: Mother-child health center in rural areas around Lahore
Partner NGO: Childrens' Education & Welfare Services, Lahore
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Natasha Qureshi

Joined: 31 Aug 2005
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Location: Ithaca, NY
PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi guys,

It was great speaking to you today. Following are the questions and concerns we discussed during our call:

1. NGO Credibility:
a) Get a list of references with contact information (German HC, Australian HC and Govt of Punjab)
b) Financial statements for the NGO for the past 2-3 years
c) Gauge success of their past projects, especially the women and child health center they set up. For now we can ask them for to send us a report they might have already prepared including pictures. Later we can conduct a site visit. This will help us determine the following: the involvement CEWS had in the project, what the costs of initial set up and maintenance were, is it still functioning, how successful has it been etc...

a) Is the project proposal and budget for one center? Or more?
b) What location is it going to be set up in exactly? Have they chosen the facility? Realistically speaking how many people are in the area? 500,000 seems to be a large estimate
c) How many Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Health Centers and Dispensaries are in the area and what are their charges for child delivery and out-patient services?
d) How did the NGO arrive at the Number of Patients / day figure?
e) Could we possibly get figures for mortality rates and child diseases in this area? What other info can we get which justifies the need for providing delivery and out-patient services as opposed to others?
f) Is the govt Lady Health Worker program being run in the proposed area? If yes, then how will they ensure not to duplicate efforts?

a) NGO wants to train workers from the Locality - is this the best approach? How will they train them? What type of people will they recruit?
b) There is no mention of Doctors in the proposal - why is that?
c) How will they ensure community involvement, especially when it comes to sponsoring and donating every month? How did their last health center operate?
d) Has this idea been discussed with the community? Who will comprise of the Community Monitoring Committee (CMC) and how will they function? Has this structure been successful with their past project?
e) Does the NGO Own the Building/Facility where the clinic will be made?
f) How big will this clinic be? How many rooms? How many workers? How many outpatient beds etc?

Various items in the proposed budget need to be further explained, validated or fixed.

a) In the Financial section (pg 6) of the proposal:
- What funding source does CEWS have for contributing 20K/month
- What are membership fees? how will they get them?
- Service charges should be calc using #ofBenef * fees
- Have local philanthrop in the past given Rs5K/month for such clinics?
- Explain salaries in greater detail (numb of employees and each salary)
- Explain Rs.10K for utilities and building further!
- Fuel for ambulance? but there is no ambulance in the Project proposal
- What is meant by Rs5000/month for sustainability? How can sustainability be an expense? it needs to be built in the revenue structure?

b) Finance Plan (pg 7)
- Medical Equip: please provide name, qty and price of each item
- Furniture: please provide name, qty and price of each item
- Lady Health Visitor: is this same as the LHW? If not, then how are they trained? What will their responsibilities be? What kind of medical help can they provide?
- Paramedic staff: details required - (salary, number of paramedics)
- Medicine: Details required (item, qty)
- Sundries: ADP doesn't fund misc items
- Sustainability: should not be a cost or an activity


We need to come up with detailed success metrics for this project. For example:
- % of Successful deliveries
- Number of patients serves per month


- Determine whether revenues from patients is a viable option to make it financially sustainable
- Figure out if the Community Monitoring Committee will have the ability to monitor it for the coming years. The community should have a large stake so that after the NGO sets it up and trains staff and runs it for 6months to a year the community can take up the responsibility

Guys, Please feel free to add your own concerns and questions that I might have missed out or which we may not have discussed earlier.

The plan going forward is that the Project Team (PT) will initiate communication with the NGO and will ask them to respond to these questions (either via email or phone, whichever works better). I think it would be helpful to talk to the contact person via phone, atleast once, just to brief him about ADP's process and to make sure he knows that we are thorough with the evaluation, implementation and monitoring as we want to make sure our projects are not only feasible but also have a high chance of success. Its important to just communicate this to him at this point so we can gauge his level of commitment. If he sounds flaky and non-committal then we may not want to push this further.

Lets try and get answers to these in the next week to 10 days if possible and then we can decide our next steps? Also, lets stay in touch via email.

Also, here is some info on the Lady Health Worker program run by the govt:


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