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Arshad Public School--water Supply

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Uzaib Saya

Joined: 03 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 03 Oct 2010
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Location: Boston, MA
PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:44 am    Post subject: Arshad Public School--water supply Reply with quote

As detailed on project proposal:
Water supply, furniture and other materials:

APS currently has 300+ children enrolled in the school and ~70 are getting free education. Around 90% of the children pay their fees regularly. If for any reason a student cannot pay, they usually make full payments in the second or third month of their fees being overdue.
A water supply scheme is proposed that will channel water from Reachban (chasma/ stream) which is approx. 7,000ft from the school. Around 50-60 families already use this stream as a source of drinking/ sanitary water. Water pipes will be installed to channel water from this stream directly to the school where it will be used for drinking and sanitation.
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Uzaib Saya

Joined: 03 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 03 Oct 2010
Posts: 6
Location: Boston, MA
PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:53 am    Post subject: Kick-off call on 08/28 Reply with quote

Hi everyone,

So as described in Dawood's email, the two of us got a chance to briefly talk about the project proposal. Please share your thoughts in this thread before we schedule another call preferably before September 19 (when Naima has scheduled the next call with EC and PT).

Issues that warrant further consideration:
-Need for furniture in proposal-- seemed to just have been added without any relationship to the rest of the project. Both Dawood and I were a bit unclear about how this fit into their larger goal.
-Are water pipes the most cost effective way to provide water to these facilities (vs just hiring another water boy, for example).
-Seems that none of the fees from students really go towards maintenance or supplies (48000 out of the 50000 or so is towards paying teacher/staff salaries). How does the school plan to sustain itself over the next few months/years with this model?
-Must ensure that water pipes are not infringing on others' water supply in the region. Also, will other individuals besides those who attend school during the day benefit from the increased water supply?

Please feel free to share your thoughts/add your own comments...

Next steps: PT members, please begin to contact the NGO after some of these thoughts are formulated into questions derived from both your own thoughts and those of the EC. We can schedule a call for the three of us over the next week or two-- let me know when is a good time.
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Uzaib Saya

Joined: 03 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 03 Oct 2010
Posts: 6
Location: Boston, MA
PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:50 pm    Post subject: PT call Saturday 09/04/2010 Reply with quote

Members present: Mariam, Habiya, Uzaib

-How will APS handle maintenance of pipes over time?
-Will water supply be used primarily for drinking purposes? While increasing consumption to the school, are there chances of decreased supply to nearby villages? How does APS plan to deal with the politics of all this?
-Have they followed initial model they proposed to ADP in 2009 (in terms of budgeting, sustainability etc)
-Budget in excel spreadsheet does not include any amount for sundry items or even electricity. Do they use savings for these items?

Aims for direct correspondence with APS: get more granularity on project and need for furniture. What sort of monitoring plan do they have and/or metrics have they established to improve the running of their school?
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Joined: 29 Aug 2010
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Location: Philadelphia
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:06 pm    Post subject: First Project Call | 9/19/10 Reply with quote

Attendees: Dawood, Mubarik, Habiya, Mariam

After reviewing the first draft of the project form, the team agreed that the request for furniture be removed from the project plan. Per discussions with Mr. Basharat, APS already has furniture in place - the request was more geared towards solving a status issue (distinguishing teachers from students) rather than solving for a critical need. Additionally, the funding of furniture could not be tracked in terms of sustainability.

The team discussed investigating other alternatives to building a water pipeline and avoid running in to high risk issues such as -
- infringement of properties (govt, villagers, etc.)
- increased expenses (beyond the $10K requested) such as enduring additional maintenance / operating costs and/or legal / construction costs (we need to ensure APS does not fall on the ADP for all school enhancements)

Other alternatives suggested:
- Rain water harvesting
- Water Wells (underground water)

Additional questions for Mr. Basharat include:
- How many households use the Chasma
- Are there any previously built water pipelines in the are? If so, who built them?
- Who does APS plan to work with to construct the pipelines?
- How does APS plan to fund the maintenance of the pipelines?
- How much water does the water boy currently employed at APS accumulate in one trip? How many trips does he make per day? What is the amount of water needed to get through? Is there a storage capacity available at the school to hold the water transported?

Next Steps:
- Mubarik to connect PT with previous site visitor from the initial APS project from 2005
- PT to complete due diligence with Mr. Basharat and reach and conduct reference checks
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Uzaib Saya

Joined: 03 Oct 2008
Last Visit: 03 Oct 2010
Posts: 6
Location: Boston, MA
PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

PT Members present: Mariam, Uzaib

October 3, 2010

Conversation with Asif Bokhari, engineer for APS during reconstruction in 2005:

* One of the water sources is 0.5-1 km away from the school, while the other one (where Basharat wants to connect pipelines) is 7000 ft above the school.
* Both water sources are perennial although the dry season is during the months of Oct/Nov/Dec
* New pipeline in the area shouldn’t take more than 15 days to construct

Conversation with Basharat, APS:

* Land where pipeline is to be built is owned by Basharat and the school
* No government involvement in water supply thus far--
* Current storage capacity is 100 gallons, and their demand is 200 instead
* Proposed pipeline addition would mean that water could be utilized by 100 families in nearby area (figure corroborated by Asif Bokhari)
* Pipeline existed earlier and was used for irrigation purposes, but since 2005 quake has not been rebuilt in the region so they decided to propose building a new one specifically for the school vicinity
* APS will build new tank, and Chowkidaar of APS will control water flow to rest of village during the day and at night.
* Maintenance will be primarily the job of APS, along with cooperation with community members --
* Basharat mentioned maintenance / overhead costs etc are covered via student tuition. When asked what his back-up plans were for when/if there is a decline in this source of income (decline in students, increased costs, etc.) he seemed relatively confident that the student pop would increase based on the trend he has noticed in the past five years
* As an aside, Basharat mentioned that few students from APS who later went on to other schools secured 2nd, 8th and other top positions in the Azad Kashmir regional exams (Matric, most likely)\
* Plan on adding 9th, 10th grade next year; students will have higher fees that will then be used to pay additional teacher
Per the site visitors summary, the tuition rates seem inaccurate (potentially inflated on paper?) May want to double check on this over next site visit by speaking with parents (nearby households) Will shed light on APS’s cash flow

Next steps:

* Site visit + ask person who does this to speak with locals in villages who will ultimately benefit from the enhanced water output. Do they have a combined plan for maintenance?
o Recommend hosting a quick call with the site visitor to understand location/terrain of the nearby nala (verify Basharat’s comments on why the chasma further away from the school needs to be utilized for the pipeline). Additionally, we may/may not be able to get more details on land ownership of the area between the school and the water source
o May not need another site visit per the report provided by Haleema?
* References to be checked?
* Contact Wasim Ahmed (as per Mubarik’s suggestion)

On a side note - It seems pretty clear that a water pipeline is the best way to go about solving the issue however the question of property infringement still remains. . .
- who owns the land between the school and water source -- Basharat indicates that the school does. Do we need to see legal docs before a yes./no vote?
- how many households will the pipeline pass through? -- 100 families or so, according to Asif and Basharat
- how do we get consensus to build the pipeline through the area?
Additionally we'll need to ensure that if a pipeline is created, it has outlets located in several, central locations so as to benefit the entire area and ensure APS doesn't claim ownership
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