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Eq Project Vote: Nathgran Tube Wells

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Should ADP fund the Nathgran Drinking Water Project from the EQ Redevelopment Fund?
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Mahjabeen Quadri
Site Admin

Joined: 08 Feb 2005
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Location: San Francisco
PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 7:06 pm    Post subject: EQ Project Vote: Nathgran Tube Wells Reply with quote

Dear ADPers,

ADP-SF has been following up on the EHD Water Project for the village of Nathgaran, and is ready to put the project to vote. Since this is an earthquake redevelopment project, the voting will include all chapters and all eligible ADP voting members. The deadline to cast your vote is 5pm PST on Monday, October 2. Please do take the time to vote before then.

EHD Water Project proposes to install 10 tube wells in Nathgaran, serving a population of 3,000 scattered over an area of 10-12km. The village is located in a hilly area of district Bagh in Azad Kashmir.

Budget: approx. $10,000
No. of Hand Pumps: 10 (1 for 50 families)
Cost per pump: approx. $1,000

Critical Need: High
Nathgaran was severely affected by the earthquake. Apart from destroying most of the homes, the earthquake sealed the only two sources of water for the village (a well and a hand pump). Now women on average are forced to walk daily 4~5km (approx. 2.5~3miles) every day over mountainous terrain to fetch water. In most cases, the water is insufficient for the family, creating severe hardships and hygiene issue.

We have spent a fair bit of time, and had several conversations with the President of EHD, Mr. Raja Fazil, to determine whether tube wells really are the most critical need for the villagers. While the villagers are still living in tents, there was a government survey done in August and they expect funding for rebuilding to come from the government. EHD has a free medical camp that covers any medical needs of the village. Poor access to drinking water is a major impediment to daily life, especially for the women of the village, and is #1 on their list as their most important need.

Social Return: High
We will be spending approximately $3 for every person who will get access to clean drinking water (assuming $10,000 for 3,000 people). The cost includes boring and material costs. Note that this is higher than our expenditure for the Multan Womenís jail project (approx Rs. 45,000 per pump) due to the hilly terrain and deeper required boring.

The number of tube wells was calculated based on one tube well per 1 sq. km. Since the population of the village is spread over 10-12 sq. km, at least 10 hand pumps are needed.

Sustainability: Medium
There is enough rainfall and water from melting snow in the region that diminishing water table is not a concern. The ground water is fit for drinking and other domestic uses. There is no problem of salty water.
Each pump should last for at least a couple of years, and most likely longer. Hand pumps are manually operated, electricity is not involved and problems in their operation are not common. EHDís head office will monitor the project on a monthly basis. Daily supervision and maintenance will be done by the villageís Community Based Organization set up by EHD previously.

The land on which the hand pumps will be built is under the collective ownership of villagers.

Measurability: Medium-High
We will ask EHD to provide the following information after receiving funding:
- Photographs of each pump
- Actual receipts for all expenditures
- Follow-up survey 6-12mths after installation to assess impact on the lives of the villagers and the number of families that are using the pumps

Organization Credibility: High
EHD got their start in development work about five years ago by providing tube wells in remote villages and running primary schools. This is their area of expertise. EHD have proven to be a reliable and credible organization and was one of the main organization through which RSD and ADP were able to deliver tents to earthquake victims. They have been very responsive in answering our questions this process, which began several months ago

EHD has a good relationship with Nathgaran. They provided 40 families with tents during their earthquake relief operation. EHD also provided warm clothings for the children in Nathgran during earthquake relief. EHD is currently the only NGOs operating in this village. The only other NGO in the area was GOAL, which provided shelters to residents in Nathgran during the earthquake relief operation. It has since winded up its operations and is no longer there.
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Mahjabeen Quadri
Site Admin

Joined: 08 Feb 2005
Last Visit: 22 Nov 2007
Posts: 49
Location: San Francisco
PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 10:18 pm    Post subject: Situation on ground - 1 yr. after the earthquake Reply with quote

Hi guys,

I received an email from one of our development partners in Pakistan and a frequent ADP volunteers, Khadeeja Balki, who recently returned from a tour of the earthquake areas.

I thought it would be nice to share her email so that we could read about her observations of how life is like a year after the earthquake.


Dear Mahjabeen,

Hope youíre doing well.

I finally made it to Kashmir this week-quite an intense experience.
Been wanting to visit - just for myself and also see where ADP and RSD
funds were utilized after the earthquake. Will inshaAllah share details
about that soon, am trying to put together an informal report. The
perspective one can process their needs with after experiencing their
daily hardship-albeit on a very sheltered level-is so different. Perhaps
because in a lot of our minds we have such a romanticized image of lush
green mountains and rolling hills. Which Alhamdulilah is
breathtakingly true but let me tell you even the rolling hills are a tough trail to
manage via 4x4 (our clutch plates burnt out by the time we made it to
Dhirkot thanks to the driver) or foot. To top it off many of the prior
paths have become extremely rocky terrain after the earthquake, which
even the locals admit are now tough to maneuver. Imagine a 30 lb matki
precariously balanced on girlsí and womenís heads as they walk upto an
(and they have amazing speed) along these mountains from their homes to
the water source.

And the water sources arenít much, at all. From what I gathered in my
very short visit, if the village is lucky, the stream has enough
pressure to actually flow like a tap (as it does in the Hans Chowki area that
Iíve attached pictures of) else it just trickles miserably and collects
in whatever brick pool-type the locals can put together (as in Danihat
which I donít have pictures of unfortunately). In the latter case the
water they have for usage is green with a thick film on it and visible
insects. The drinking water pool is just a tiny bit better, minus the
film. They also collect rain water in the blue 750 gallon containers
via channels made on the roof.

When I was offered water at homes, I could see particles floating in it
because their sources are just so bad. In their homes water is stored
in the same matkis they bring it in. The children had days worth of
dirt on their faces. Iím guessing water for washing faces is not a
luxury they can afford. So much I realize we take for granted - indoor
plumbing or hot water are just out of question.

Wow, I ended up writing much more than Iíd thought. I just wanted to
share some pictures I had with you and ADP since when I spoke to EHD
about addressing this need they said theyíd submitted a proposal to you.
Not really sure where the funding status stands right now but just
thought Iíd email a few photos since donít think EHDís sent any.

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