UNHCR Flood Relief – Emergency Shelters

457 tents were delivered to Bhan Saeedabad by UNHCR on September 25, 2010 to house flood-displaced families. The latest updates on this project will be posted at the bottom of this page.

ADP is partnering with United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and Action for Humanitarian Development (AHD) to provide emergency shelter for flood victims in Sindh (southern Pakistan). AHD has been operating in Sindh for several years and is active in flood relief efforts.  ADP previously worked with AHD in 2009 to build a primary school in Kharo Chan village.

Project Details:

  • 457 tents @ $154 each
  • 100% of funds went towards the purchase of tents. Both UNHCR and AHD agreed not to charge any overhead.
  • Tents are made of a breathable canvas fabric, and are 4x4m at the base
  • UNHCR purchased the tents and delivered to AHD on September 25, 2010
  • AHD will set up and operate the camp

Images credit Sana Saleem, Khizar M. Rashid. Banner credit AFP.

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  • Action for Humanitarian Development, the project partner, relayed a detailed report of tent utilization in District Jamshoro. 257 were installed at Bhan Saeedabad to create a tent city, while the rest were distributed near Dadu and around the area to particularly needy families. Over a quarter of the tents (approximately 140) are still in use; for more details and pictures, visit the Dastak post: http://developpakistan.org/flood-relief-tents-update/

  • 09/27/2010
  • 457 tents were delivered by UNHCR to AHD in Bhan Saeedabad, Sindh this weekend. AHD had been monitoring the situation in multiple areas including Dadu and Thatta over the past two weeks, and concluded that the need was most acute in this town due to recent breaches of Manchar Lake embankments. 100 tents have been installed after registering the families and the rest will be deployed in the coming days. We plan to post pictures from the site later this week. If you would like to volunteer to visit the site and help, please contact us. You can read more about the situation in Bhan Saeedabad at http://www.thenews.com.pk/21-09-2010/Top-Story/747.htm.

  • 09/10/2010
  • ADP sent checks for $70,400 to USA for UNHCR. UNHCR Pakistan has commenced the purchase of tents and plans to deliver 457 tents to AHD within a week of Eid. The final cost/tent came in at $154, lower than our initial estimate. AHD remains active in both Thatta, where only 30% of IDPs are estimated to have tents, as well as Dadu, where the need is becoming critical and there is limited NGO presence. 6 out of the 7 roads to Dadu are now under water. ADP has asked AHD to deploy the tents wherever they determine the need to be the greatest.

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Type: Disaster Relief
Cost: $70,400

Location: Bhan Saeedabad, Thatta, Sindh
Launched: September 2010