Flood Redevelopment

While the global effort to provide immediate relief to the flood affected areas of Pakistan continues, we at ADP are planning for the aftermath. It will take years to rebuild the medical and educational facilities, households and livelihoods that the floods have destroyed. There is great concern that soon after relief aid dries up, even less will be left for redevelopment.

In light of this, ADP is setting up a dedicated Flood Redevelopment Fund to raise funds to assist in the future rebuilding efforts. The Fund will support projects in flood-affected areas across a range of sectors including  education, healthcare and economic empowerment. These projects will be evaluated  using our rigorous due diligence approach, which has been applied to every project ADP has funded over the years. Projects could take the shape of building a school in a village in Sindh or a vocational training center for women in Balochistan.

ADP has strong, relevant experience with redevelopment. In 2005, we set up a similar fund in response to the Earthquake that struck Northern Pakistan. In addition to over $400k for immediate relief, we also collected more than USD$80,000 for the Earthquake Reconstruction Fund. These funds were used in the ensuing years to support the rebuilding of basic infrastructure, including the reconstruction of Arshad Public School in Muzaffarabad and the re-equipping of Ayub Teaching Hospital in Abbottabad.

In order to identify projects, ADP will solicit proposals from NGOs in the flood-affected areas. Several of our partner NGOs operate in the affected areas, and we are working with some of them on flood relief already. After an initial screening a project team will be put in place to evaluate the project in more detail. Due to ADP’s rigorous due-diligence and selection process, only those project will be funded which have the highest impact on the local community. Moreover, we actively monitor projects and provide support to the NGOs until successful completion.

We encourage you to support us in our efforts by donating to the Fund. ADP offers full transparency, and donors will know which projects they will be funding. Please note that any overhead will be covered by our Board, so 100% of your donations will be directed towards project costs.

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