Expansion of Model Village – Basti Dayat

Project Overview

After the success of the construction of a model village at Kot Addu in Basti Ghareebabad, Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) is really excited to support Sahara for Life Welfare Trust in the construction of another model village in Basti Dayat, at a distance 0.5km away. Many people have been without shelter since the devastating floods of 2010. ADP will be building an additional 12-14 houses to help these families.

Basti Dayat is a very small village in the Muzzafargarh district with no access to electricity and other basic infrastructure (in addition to being largely ignored by major aid agencies in the aftermath of the floods in 2010). The town is very close to the banks of two rivers, so the damage from the floods to people’s houses was quite severe.

Once a model village has been constructed, the beneficiaries can begin to make the slow and difficult transition towards routine life, and more targeted assistance can be provided by other NGOs operating in the region. The primary beneficiaries of this project will be households providing labor at nearby factories and brick kilns; the average household size at the selected village is 12 people and an additional 12-14 households will benefit from the project, with a total of 144 beneficiaries.

ADP Sahara For Life Trust Flood Redevelopment Project from Develop Pakistan on Vimeo.

NGO Profile

Sahara For Life Trust  (SFLT) is a charitable  organization established in 1998, enjoying consultative status with United Nations (U.N) (under the charter of DESA) as well as being certified by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) and accredited as a charity in U.K, USA and Canada. Sahara envisions reaching the unreached and serving the under-served through projects in health and education sectors in remote areas of Pakistan. SFLT is well known for setting up the Shugra Shafi Medical Complex in Narowal, where over 1.2 million people have been treated free of cost to date, and where a Research Centre has been established to find innovative ways to  build a strategy for  fighting poverty.

Key Metrics

Project success will be gauged in terms of whether targeted households are provided access to shelter and proper hygiene, as set out in the following metrics:

  • 100% of the targeted families will receive shelter kits;
  • 100% of targeted families will avail WASH facilities;
  • 100% of targeted families will have access to safe drinking water at their homes
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Type: Disaster Relief
Cost: $13,443

Location: Dera Din Panah Village, Tehsil Kot Addu, District Muzaffargarh
Launched: January 2014