Cataract Screening

Cataract Equipment in Use


In 2009, ADP funded B-scan equipment used in cataract eye surgeries at the new Layton Rehmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) hospital in Mansehra.The hospital serves a total population of 8 million in the districts of Mansehra, Muzzafarabad, Batagram, Dagar, Abottabad, Haripur, Balakot, Kagahan Valley, Garhi Habibullah. Many of these areas were hit hard by the 2005 earthquake in Northern Pakistan, which impaired medical access to the local population. The LRBT hospital has been functioning since February 2009.

The B-scan equipment allows surgeons to scan behind opaque cataracts, thus enabling them to see other pathologies that may not be visible in a visual exam prior to surgery. In the absence of a B-scan, post-operative surprises and complications can result, and patients may have to undergo multiple surgeries. Given the long distances low-income patients often travel to get to the hospital, the equipment has the added benefit of reducing the number of visits to the hospital required for these cases. B-scan equipment is fairly standard in large hospitals that perform cataract procedures across the world.

Profile of Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust

The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) was established in December 1984 by two socially concerned individuals Graham Layton a British national and Zaka Rahmatulla to fight against curable blindness amongst the poor & disadvantaged people in Pakistan.

LRBT is committed to creating a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness and other eye ailments. To this end it will provide state of the art comprehensive free eye care in keeping with its tradition of excellence, efficiency and compassion for all. LRBT has 14 hospitals and 39 primary care facilities across Pakistan.

Key Metrics

Since the value of B-scan equipment is well-established, the key metrics for measuring the success of this project were focused on the utilization level of the equipment. The key metrics are

  • Hospital daily flow through (number of patients per day)
  • B-scan equipment’s daily utilization (number of patients utilizing the equipment per day)

Investment Rationale

This equipment has been funded by ADP with the goal of providing facility of corrective eye surgery and helping to improve the condition of the patients with some of the more extreme and multiple issues in their vision. The benefit of hundreds and thousands of individuals who can get their vision back entirely in some cases and much more quickly in a lot of cases can be extremely significant for their family and their society, and instead of being a burden that person can become a contributing member of their social environs.

Project Progress and Monitoring

The monthly reports from LRBT are attached. Over time the number of patients serviced at the hospital and by this equipment has grown as can be seen below.

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Type: Health
Cost: PKR 1,330,000

Location: Manshera
Launched: May 2009