Employment Bureau


ADP is funding an Employment Bureau for the Poor which will help match candidates from low and middle-income families with job opportunities. Its aim will be to reduce job-hunting costs in the Peshawar area by creating a more transparent and efficient job market. Job-seekers currently have to visit multiple employers to inquire about opportunities, an expensive and time-consuming process. Companies, meanwhile, rely on paid classified ads to advertise each opening. By acting as a constantly updated clearinghouse, the Bureau will reduce both the time and cost of matching employers with suitable candidates. The business model will rely on success fees from candidates that are successfully placed.

Key Metrics

  • ACE has a target of placing 20 new candidates per month within 9 months of our funding.
  • We will also monitor the number of new job listings and candidates registered every month.


Established in 1997, Association for the Creation of Employment (ACE) has helped improve income levels of poor families in NWFP province through the provision of education, vocational training and micro-credit loans. With offices in Peshawar, Kohat and Hangu, ACE has executed projects for well-established donors such as UNICEF, ILO, World Bank and Netaid Foundation.


Q. What will ADP’s funds be used for?
A. The project budget will allow ACE to purchase basic furtniture and stationary, as well as fund operating costs for salaries, marketing, travel, rent and utilities for the first 9 months, by which point we expect the bureau to break even. Please consult the budget file at the bottom for more details.

Q. How did we get comfortable with ACE?
A. ACE was recommended to us by Netaid, a respected US NGO that has funded them in the past. ACE has also successfully completed projects for several other well-respected donor organizations.Atif Mumtaz, an ADP volunteer, also conducted a site visit with ACE in Peshawar in March and we have had multiple phone conversations with the senior team.

Q. What kinds of employers and candidates will ACE target?
A. ACE is targeting three categories of candidates.

Level 1
- Masters/Bachelors/Experienced hires
- Teachers, Computer programmers, Chief accountants, Managers, Research officer etc.
- Rs. 9,000/month and higher

Level 2
- F.Sc/Matric/Technical diploma
- Administrative or clerical jobs like telephone operator, computer operator, receptionist, sales person, typist, machine operator, accountant, purchasing officer, record keeper, etc
- Rs. 3,500/month and higher

Level 3
- Uneducated or educated up to primary level
- Peon, guard, driver, cook, laborer, maid servants, etc
- Very poor people, majority of population comprises of them
- Rs. 2,000/month and higher

Q. Will employers sign up given the high unemployment rate?
A. While unemployment rates are high, companies have expressed a willingness to use the service for two reasons:

1) Finding qualified candidates remains quite difficult, and employers often pay for classifieds in newspapers to advertise opportunities.

2) Given ACE’s traditional focus on employment, it has relationships with several local employers. These employers ask them for recommendations when looking for candidates, and the organization is already placing ~3 candidates a month informally.

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