Electronics Lab

Electronic equipment


ADP is providing equipment for an electronics lab run by Alif Laila in Lahore. The equipment will be used by 800 students, mainly girls, from 7 public schools who will conduct simple experiments that teach  basic electronics concepts.

Alif Laila

AL has been serving the local community in many different capacities for almost 30 years. It started off as a mobile book bus service that then expanded into a resource center providing children with project based learning opportunities in several fields including arts, crafts, electronics, photography etc. The project based learning centers (PBLC) also referred to as hobby clubs (in simple lingo for the benefit of children) were established to provide opportunities to government school children from underprivileged backgrounds. Their aim is to provide equal opportunities to children “to learn by doing”, irrespective of their economic background. The main focus of AL is to help children use their curiosity and imagination, two ingredients that are vital for innovation and invention.

Electronics Club

The electronics club opened its doors to children from 5 different schools (4 boys and 1 girl) in 1986. The goal was to teach practical application of theoretical concepts that were being taught in schools. Since then it has shifted its focus primarily to training girls. The aim of this PBLC is to help girls confidence building as well as skill enhancement. The children who come here from government schools, where they are discouraged to speak up or ask questions lack self confidence. AL provides them with a free environment where teachers interact with them in a very friendly capacity and encourage them to ask questions. In addition, it provides the girls with a better understanding of basic scientific concepts and equips them with a set of very useful technical skills.

Investment Thesis

  1. To increase understanding of scientific concepts of middle school girls.
  2. To increase middle school girls career awareness of science related fields.
  3. To help these girls acquire technical skills that can be used to generate income.
  4. To encourage innovation and invention by stimulating the children’s curiosity and imagination.

Key Metrics

  1. Records of student performance collected by AL every three (3) months for the duration of the project.
  2. Results of exit interviews of students from different schools enrolled in Alif Laila’s electronic program carried out at the end of school year (2005-2006).
  3. AL administered survey of the project beneficiaries at the time of completion of the project. (ADP will provide the survey, subject to AL approval of content and length.)


Alif Laila is a Pakistani NGO dedicated to improving the standards of education among disadvantaged communities in Pakistan. The organization was established in 1978.

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