Expansion of Government Boys Middle School in Sadhoki Village



ADP is partnering with the Progressive Education Network (PEN) to build two additional classrooms at the Government Boys Middle School, Sadhoki Village. As the only government school in the area, the school serves children of low income families in the Village. However, due to lack of space, the school presently has to turn away parents who want to enroll their children in the school. Construction of additional classrooms, and an additional washroom, will allow an estimated 100 additional students to attend the school, and ensure that existing students no longer have to take classes outside in the verandah.

ADP expects that the additional student capacity will result in higher overall school enrollment among children from Sadhoki Village. In other instances, low income families that have had trouble enrolling children in private schools will now have an affordable option.

The Government Boys Middle School, Sadhoki Village follows a public-private partnership model. Though the school is government funded, Progressive Education Network (PEN) has adopted the school for 10 years and provides additional teachers, teacher training, and infrastructure that are beyond the current funding levels of the government. Funding this project will allow ADP to evaluate the strength of this hybrid model and its potential for impact throughout Pakistan.

Partner Profile

Established in 2005, Progressive Education Network (PEN) provides education to more than 10,000 underprivileged students through 40 adopted public schools all over Pakistan. By adopting underserved public schools, PEN works to improve academic standards, increase student enrolment and upgrade infrastructure. With its mission to improve academics, PEN conducts teacher training sessions and provides its schools with additional teachers. PEN also improves school infrastructure to basic acceptable levels. PEN’s intervention in over 40 public schools over the last two years has yielded positive results: enrollment in existing schools has increased  by 34%, and students’ test scores have improved by 14%.

Key Metrics

ADP will monitor the progress of the construction of the classrooms (and related infrastructure) as well as ongoing performance of the students and teachers via the following key metrics:

  • Construction progress and budget updates
  • Student enrollment levels
  • Teacher and student attendance
  • Teacher Training Workshop reports
  • Student assessments and teacher evaluations

Investment Rationale

ADP is excited to fund this project given the need and desire for a secondary education opportunity for students in Sadhoki Village.

 Critical Need: Our site visit report confirmed the lack of good educational alternatives in the area. Given the expensive fee structure of private schools, most parents have no choice but to keep their children out-of-school. PEN is providing an affordable, low cost educational opportunity to the community. Without this option, many students in Sadhoki Village would be denied education.

 Social Return: There is great desire among the students and parents that proper classrooms and studying facilities are provided to the students. Currently two classes are studying in the verandah, without any fans in the summer and heating in the winter. The construction of two additional classrooms will help accommodate these students as well as new enrollments from the area. Proper classrooms will allow for a conducive study environment, improving learning levels and access to education for the children who are presently in and out-of-school.

 Credibility: Our reference checks and due diligence show that PEN is a well-reputed and credible organization that has been able to maintain good relations with the government as well as civil society, strengthening the impact of its interventions.



1) Will the project improve the education outcomes in the Village?

The team believes that through this project a) more Village children will be enrolled in school, and b) having all children in classes (rather than outdoors) will improve student learning.

2) Will the project help PEN build capacity, or secure new donations?

PEN has a great deal of experience in infrastructure improvement projects. However, the organization has room for improvement in evaluating its results through rigorous data collection and analysis. ADP will work with PEN in this area throughout the project. Greater analysis will allow PEN to focus on what works, and improve its funding opportunities.

3) Is PEN a suitable partner for this project?

PEN is already working with over 10,000 students through 40 adopted schools in Lahore, Gujrat and Karachi, with plans to reach out to 1 million students by 2025. Our due diligence shows that PEN is a capable organization and that its intervention in public schools has yielded positive results, including a 34% increase in enrollments. PEN is heavily engaged in the schools it adopts, delivering free notebooks and stationary items that many students cannot afford, mobilizing the community, providing professional education degrees to its teachers, enhancing computer literacy and fulfilling critical infrastructure needs like the provision of washrooms and clean drinking water.


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Type: Education
Cost: $4,774

Location: Sadhoki, Punjab
Launched: November 2013