Earthquake Redevelopment

During the 2005 earthquake ADP raised over USD 400,000 for relief efforts and USD 80,000 for a Reconstruction Fund. Projects for ADP’s fund underwent strict due-diligence before being funded and were monitored by volunteers. Volunteers worked with both large and small credible organizations to carefully select and identify projects that met ADP’s criteria.

A sample of ADP’s Earthquake Reconstruction Fund projects include:

  • Arshad Public School: re-constructing the only middle school for 300 children in the village of Muslandy, which had been largely neglected by EQ relief teams.
  • Re-building Ayub Teaching Hospital: in collaboration with APPNA and IMEC procuring ob/gyn medical equipment for an over-used hospital in Abbottabad that handled several thousand casualties after the earthquake
  • Cataract Surgical Equipment at LRBT: providing corrective eye surgery equipment for patients with vision issues in Mansehra.
  • Tube Wells in Nathgaran: 10 tube wells were constructed in partnership with EHD in the town of Nathgaran in Bagh.
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