Volunteer Dispatches

Stories from the Field: Al Sohail Model School

by Sana Elahi: Project Evaluation Team The journey started amid much cold and fog. It seemed as if our car was enveloped by a soft yet mysterious white shield. When we finally reached our destination, we had left the busy, car honking streets and were surrounded by open lush green...more

Site Visit Account: Passion for Education – Visiting Bunyad-e-Fatima Primary School in Natt Kalan Village

By Maheen Qureshi During June 2013, Maheen Qureshi and Mohammad Jahanzaib conducted the site-visit for the ADP funded education project: construction of the Bunyad-e-Fatima Secondary school in Natt Kalan village. Here’s an account of their experience. ADP is actively looking for funds for this project.  With the sun heavily beating...more

Site Visit Account: Maternal Healthcare in Machar Colony

During April 2013, Meherunissa Hamid visited the ADP funded expansion of a health clinic run by Concern for Children (CFC) in Karachi. Here’s an account of her experience. Even a week after my visit to Machar Colony, my ankles were itching! Having visited this area twice, I can rightfully say that...more

Expansion of a School in Kasur

During March 2013, Anam Zakaria visited the middle school in Kasur that is run by the SOS Rural Support Program and is presently being expanded with ADP...more

Project Completion Report: Supporting Infrastructure Upgrades for Pehli Kiran Schools

ADP has supported the infrastructure reconstruction of five schools in Islamabad. These schools are a part of the Pehli Kiran School System, catering primarily to the nomadic communities living in the surrounding...more