Nilore Computer Lab

Children at computer


ADP funded and provided logistical support for a new computer-based education program at Nilore Primary School, 30km outside Islamabad. ADP assisted in the development of the curriculum and provided funding for the purchase of six computers, peripheral equipment, classroom furniture, internet access, and the salary for one teacher who will oversee the new program. Nilore is the only primary school in the immediate area and offers a non-sectarian alternative to nearby religious madrassahs. It has an enrollment of 60 children in grades 1 through 5, an increase of 300% since the school was founded in 1999.

Investment Thesis

  1. Improve enrollment levels and retention.
  2. Enhance mathematical and motor skills.
  3. Avoid limitations of local text books.
  4. Use for software-based training of teachers in remote locations.

Key Metrics

  1. Student enrollment/attendance.
  2. Math test scores.


Ibtida is a volunteer organization working to provide secular, non-sectarian education to underprivileged children in the rural areas of Pakistan. It currently operates 3 primary schools in Northern Pakistan.


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