Children’s Cancer Hospital

The Association for the Development of Pakistan is funding new ICU equipment at the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Karachi. At a total cost of approximately Rs. 600,000, the new equipment will roughly double the ICU’s operational capacity and help meet rising patient demand. ADP will provide funding for two multi-parameter patient monitors, two infusion beds and two ICU beds. By increasing the foundation’s capacity to handle patients in-house, ADP aims to improve the foundation’s efficiency and effectiveness at providing low-cost and quality treatment to the deprived. We expect the new beds to be 60% utilized, which should translate to more than 40 patients a year based on the historical average stay of 10 days.

CCF has also hired 3 new nurses and 2 doctors to staff the ICU. Around the clock coverage will be provided with shifts of 8 hours with 1 nurse and 1 doc present at all times.

While the social impact, in terms of improved quality of patient care, is not easily quantifiable, ADP’s research has showed that the chances of survival for cancer patients increase significantly if admitted to ICU in a timely manner and if provided proper care. Details of this research can be found on the project’s discussion forum.

Partner Profile

Children Cancer Foundation is a registered Non-Governmental Organization geared towards providing low-cost and free treatment for children with cancer. It was formed in December 1999 by a group of dedicated doctors, philanthropists, parents of affected children and social workers who saw the ever rising need of low cost treatment options for pediatric cancer in Karachi.

Today, CCF plays a vital role by providing a venue of hope to hundreds of families of pediatric cancer victims, from within Karachi, rural Baluchistan and Sind. Children Cancer Foundation has also initiated a training program for rural medical professionals in early diagnoses, which has the potential of saving innumerable lives in the rural areas. Since its inception, CCF has provided free medical treatment to more than 1500 children from economically deprived families, completely free of cost through the support of a highly dedicated team and well-wishers from all walks of life.

Key Metrics

CCF will be providing Quarterly reports on utilization of ICU equipment. The success of the project will be assessable in light of hard figures for the number of patients treated in house as compared to past levels of in-house treatment. While we expect the total patients using the equipment every year to exceed 35, ADP will consider the project a success if 15 ICU patients are successfully treated in house every year.

Investment Rationale

CCF covers as much as 70% of its operating expense from Zakat funds that it collects. Due to limitations in potential usage of Zakat, the fund cannot be used for capital expenditure purposes, and so much of the expense needed for ICU upgrades needed to be from private source. The dire need can be well appreciated by the fact that the patient load went up by 35% last year, with most of the increase corresponding to free medical treatment. Our due diligence has shown that the increase in CCF’s patient volume is largely comprised of patients who cannot afford care.

Transferring patients to other hospitals and medical treatments is a drain on the foundation’s resources, besides being a compromising factor for providing effective medical care. CCF transfers approximately 12~15 patients a year to outside ICUs at a rough cost of 300,000 / stay due to its semi operational ICU. By investing 600,000 to expand the in-house ICU, CCF will be able to avoid the cost of transferring patients. This translates to a rough ROI of 400% to 500%. As a result, CCF funds will be freed up to treat more patients.

By increasing the foundation’s capacity to handle patients in-house, ADP aims to improve the foundation’s efficiency and effectiveness at providing low-cost and quality treatment to children of lesser privileged families. Timely ICU admission is critical to the patient’s survival chances in many cases; by increasing CCF’s intrinsic capacity to admit patients to ICU, there can be considerable reduction in the risk of mortality due to lack of timely administered intensive care facilities. CCF expects the success rate to go up to 90% through improved in-house ICU care.


ADP is targeting to collect the following reports from CCF to assess the feasibility and progress of the project:

  • Quarterly reports on equipment utilization and patients treated in the ICU.
  • A visit from ADP to see a fully functional ICU in 6 months time.

Post Funding Site Visit Report

ICU UnitA post funding site visit was conducted by ADP volunteer, Umbreen Tapal. The volunteer visited the hospital on October 16th 2010 and in addition to meeting the staff and taking a tour of the facility she was able to see the ICU equipment purchased through ADP funding.

At the time of the site visit both the ICU units were being utilized by two young children that were undergoing treatment at the cancer hospital. The ICU room is a cooled room and houses patients that are undergoing intensive cancer treatment.

The staff at the hospital was very open and cooperative with ADP, and as requested, provided us with invoices of the equipment purchased as well as a copy of the patient register log for the ICU room to verify utilization.

In addition to having a well-run facility including outpatient services such as counseling, the hospital also has a dedicated team that is responsible for the on-going maintenance and repair of all hospital equipment. As a result ADP can be confident that the ICU equipment will be utilized and deliver benefits for many years.

Here are two videos taken at the visit:

« ••• »


  • The Children’s Cancer Foundation (which is administering the hospital) has been sending regular utilization reports. The project has successfully completed one year with the equipment funded by ADP being used at an average of over 70% per quarter (72% in the 1st quarter, 79% in the 2nd and 72% in the third and last quarter).

  • 05/14/2011
  • ADP volunteer Saad Halim Khan visited the CCH in January 2011 and wrote a touching feature for ADP’s 2010 Annual Report. Read his account in Dastak.

  • 09/25/2010
  • CCF has reported back with the first quarter’s equipment utilization report (May-August 2010). The new equipment funded by ADP donors was used for 65 out of the first 90 days, treating 118 patients in total. There was a favorable utilization rate of 72% compared to the expected rate of 60% utilization, which implies that CCF is doing a good job of using the donated funds.

  • 05/04/2010
  • CCF has now received Rs. 600,000 in funding for this project from ADP. We will post further updates in the coming months. Thank you to all our donors for your generous contribution!

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Type: Health
Cost: Rs. 600,000

Location: Karachi
Launched: May 2010