Child Vaccinations


ADP will sponsor the provision of Hepatitis B vaccination to 200 nomad children from the city of Lahore and surrounding areas. The children will also be educated on protection against preventable diseases through community seminars. Providing hepatitis B vaccination to these vulnerable children will be an effective method for gaining their confidence and will also serve as a community awareness mechanism where they can be made aware about prevention of other STDs, including hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.

Investment Thesis

To develop a sustainable plan for extended coverage, possibly including the support of the government and pharmaceutical companies, training of community health workers, and presence of part-time doctors.

Key Metrics

Compliance with the Vaccine Record the number of children returning / complying with each additional round of vaccination. Godh is confident in being able to have high compliance among children.

Educational Component Test the impact of the educational component of the program. To reinforce the educational / awareness component, CRAC-PPA will conduct additional rounds of seminars with each round of vaccination, and survey children on their understanding of the diseases and how they can protect themselves.


Child Rights & Abuse Committee of the Pakistan Paediatric Association (CRAC-PPA) PPA is a registered professional body and the sole representative of more than 1,500 paediatricians Pakistan. It is affiliated with International Paediatric Association and SAARC Paediatric Association. Its Child Rights & Abuse Committee (CRAC) is working for the rights of children as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC, 1989). For the past fifteen years, its focus of work has been child abuse prevention and management. CRAC-PPA is the implementing partner of Save the Children Sweden and has conducted trainings, consultancies, and research for UNICEF, Save the Children UK, Groupe Developpemente, and the Government of Pakistan. It is affiliated with ECPAT International (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) and ISPCAN (International Society for Prevention against Child Abuse and Neglect).

Godh ‘Godh’ is an Urdu word that means ‘lap’. Since this NGO deals with children, the meaning here suggests a ‘mother’s lap’. CRAC-PPA has collaborated with Godh for the healthcare of nomad children, a group that Godh has worked in the past as well.

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Type: Health
Cost: $2,782

Location: Lahore, Pakistan