ADP’s Model

ADP is scaling its impact and growing. We’d like to tell you all about what ADP stands for through an online series over the next few weeks. This week, you can learn about ADP’s background, rationale, model, and how it is different.

Our Model

ADP addresses the issues in charitable giving and development in Pakistan with a three-pronged approach:

  1. Building more institutions
  2. Rewarding results
  3. Engaging smart people in development

ADP acts as the link between volunteers, non-profits and donors. It serves as an intermediary that engages volunteers to identify high impact development initiatives for donors to fund, run by promising non-profits.

The ADP vision is an engaged society that transforms lives by working with non-profits delivering strong results.

Projects come from a range of sectors, focusing on:

    • Education: scaling and supporting quality schools
    • Health: preventative interventions such as sanitation and medical facilities
    • Water: providing access to clean drinking water in different environments
    • Energy: investing in renewable, reliable energy sources such as biogas plants


How is ADP Different?

The Association for the Development of Pakistan is unique in its focus on building institutions instead of delivering services.

ADP is:

    • Building a network of high-performing nonprofits
    • Using rigorous evaluation before funding high-impact development projects in Pakistan
    • Leveraging a wide network of skilled volunteers, recruited from around the world, to enable disciplined giving
    • Training hundreds of volunteers in development, as well as driving the attention of donors towards measurable outcomes.