Adday Training


ADP is funding the creation of an Adday (pictures with examples attached) work training center in the Hub area of Balochistan. This area has had an increasing population and the job opportunities have not grown to a similar extent leading to unemployment. The women residents in particular do not have a lot of means to earn a livelihood. Adday work products are very popular in the local region as well as in the Karachi market and beyond. It is a skill that can be taught with a short time investment and can yield a long-term means of sustainability for the women who go through the training program.

Project Specifics/Details

ADP’s partner for this initiative is the NGO, Sohb Education Welfare Society. Sohb has vast experience in conducting vocational training and skill development programs, and after detailed due diligence on the organization ADP has found the organization to be extremely competent. In addition to the training facility, Sohb will help the trained women connect with shopkeepers and other customers for their products through its own network in the Hub area and in Karachi. Sohb also continues to employ some of these women and markets and sells their products.

The training schedule is such that each cycle is about 2 months, after which the women having gone through the program are ready to produce clothing, shoes and accessories with Adda work to be sold in the markets or to individual customers. The first cycle targets to train 25 women, and Sohb will increase the class size to 45 starting from the second session onwards. After receiving the training, it is expected that the women will be able to earn somewhere close to Rs 5,000 per month.

ADP has currently committed to funding the materials and necessary expenses for the first two training cycles, with the provision of further funding based on the results of these training sessions.

Key Metrics

  • Number of women trained
  • Earnings per woman (as determined from the women who work and sell directly through Sohb)

Investment Rationale

The Adda work skill provides a low investment high potential return opportunity for ADP, by developing a skill that stays with the women involved, and has an unmet demand that is expected to continue to be fairly strong. The goal for ADP is to see a large number of women learning a skill that helps them earn their livelihood, and be able to sustain themselves and help their families.

What’s New

The first batch of the training programme has completed their course and the second batch is just starting out.

Partner Profile: Sohb

Sohb development society (SDS) is a registered local development organization of district Lasbella Balochistan. It is non-governmental, non-religious, non-profitable and non-political organization established on May 20th, 1997. Sohb development society is currently working on Education, poverty alleviation, mother and neo-born health (PAIMAN) project, emergency, mitigation (with Sangat) social mobilization, advocacy, Sohb development society has a well-experienced team in the implementation and has at least 80 volunteers in working areas of district Lasbela, it is successfully achieving aims and objectives of organization in collaboration/support of different partners such as TVO Balochistan Education Foundation, JSI/PAIMAN & US Aid.


Q. How will the NGO ensure there is no child labour? A. Sohb development society has a criteria for selection of trainee .The age limited for Women/Girl who get training is 17 to 40 yeas old.

Q.Will the institute provide training in the business aspect of this craft? A.After completing the first batch of training, Sohb will ensure overall marketing work and will provide support to the women to sell their product. Sohb Development Society will hire a person (contract will be signed on a percentage level) who has experience for marketing. He will develop linkage with local market companies and other cities’ market or company and get order of Adday work for those 45 trained women.

Q.Given the abject poverty in the area, how do the trainees afford the training? A.The training fee is Rs. 300 per person, which is quite reasonable for a 45 day training.The NGO has conducted meetings with community members to get a sense for whether the fee would be reasonable. Based on this feedback a reasonable admission fee has been set by Sohb for Adday work courses.

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Type: Empowerment
Cost: PKR 123,700

Location: Hub, Balochistan
Launched: March 2009