Our Approach

ADP bridges a significant gap in Pakistan’s development sector – one that exists between concerned donors looking for deserving initiatives and the myriad of smaller development organizations that often operate below the radar screen. We achieve this through our network of motivated and talented volunteers who help us identify, evaluate and oversee high impact development initiatives on the ground.

The key features of our approach are:

1. Rigorously evaluate and fund high-impact development projects

We go beyond traditional charity by performing extensive due diligence to identify critically needed projects where the impact is crucial and measurable

2. Deploy skilled volunteers to enable disciplined giving

We train highly-educated volunteers to apply their time and skills towards objective evaluation and monitoring of projects

3. Give 100% of donations to projects

ADP’s board pledges to cover operating costs, so donor money is used entirely for project grants

4. Promote a broad spectrum of community organizations

We fund small projects with a variety of organizations to catalyze broad-based community activism as well as to diversify donor risk

To learn more about our evaluation criteria and process, please visit the Projects section.